Resource Management

This page links to documents related to the following Resource Management workflows and processes:

  • Bibliographic record creation & maintenance, including record imports
  • Holdings record creation & maintenance
  • Item record creation & maintenance for physical resources

Documentation on this site will continue to change as we gain experience in Alma and UC Library Search, and as new features, processes, and policies are introduced. If you notice anything that needs to be updated or fixed, please let us know using the feedback form.


APriCoT functional area lead

Resource Management functional area lead: Adam Baron (

Information sources

UC Berkeley general resources
UC Berkeley Resource Management Group

The Resource Management Group (RMG) is responsible for developing and maintaining policies, procedures, and workflows for cataloging in Alma, ensuring alignment systemwide and locally.

UC-wide general resources


UC-wide Resource Management: Cataloging and Metadata Operations Subteam

Problem reporting

Requesting and updating Alma roles

Required Alma roles

To perform basic Resource Management functions, the following Alma roles are required:

  • Cataloger
  • Physical Inventory Operator or Physical Inventory Operator Limited
    • Tasks: Create and manage physical inventory for the scoped library or libraries. For Physical Inventory Operator, move inventory from one bibliographic record to another.
    • Required training: UC Berkeley RM training. Module 5
Optional Alma roles

Additional Alma roles that are commonly assigned include:

Additional Alma roles that are not commonly assigned include:

  • Cataloger Extended
    • Tasks: Delete bibliographic records, update shared templates, and merge bibliographic records and combine inventory.
    • For marking bibliographic records for deletion, see Marking records for deletion.
    • For other requests, submit a BadCat ticket or email

For information on requesting or updating Alma roles in production or the sandbox, see Requesting and updating Alma roles.


UCB RM documentation

Alma Analytics

Alma bibliographic, item, and holdings records

Cataloging procedures

Cataloging statistics



Unit procedures

Bancroft Library

Collection Services

Metadata Services


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This procedure outlines how the Collection Services Division is using the Acquisitions Technical Services work order in Alma for items that are being sent to Metadata Services for cataloging.

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Includes workflow/process information for adding embedded digital bookplate images into the full bib display in UC Library Search records.

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Training resources from outside the SILS project.

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Cataloging statistics codes used by Bancroft Library staff

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This document covers the placement of regular and piggyback barcodes in print items.

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List of MMS ID suffixes and institution codes for each Institution Zone (IZ) and Network Zone (NZ).

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This procedure outlines the process for circulation staff to create minimal records in Alma for 3D objects, including equipment and electronic devices, so they can be loaned out to users. This procedure applies to such objects as laptops, power banks, chargers, mice, and frisbees.

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This procedure outlines the process for creating minimal records in Alma for prints in the Graphic Arts Loan Collection (GALC) so they can be loaned out to users.

It does not include information for receiving the prints, updating the spreadsheet, sending to the framers, adding the barcode, or updating the website.

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This procedure outlines the process for cataloging gift materials in Metadata Services.

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This procedure outlines the process for cataloging monographic series in Metadata Services after the migration to Alma.

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