Electronic Resources

This page contains documents related to the Electronic Resource Unit (ERU).

The ERU resides in the Collection Services Division of the UCB Library. The primary function of the ERU is to receive, make accessible and maintain access to library electronic resources. ERU also works closely with the California Digital Library (CDL) in providing access to shared e-resources and manages electronic resource access for the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

To provide and maintain access to electronic resources, ERU works with systems such as Alma, Libguides, EZproxy, and the Primo CDI.

Documentation on this site will continue to change as we gain experience in Alma and UC Library Search, and as new features, processes, and policies are introduced. If you notice anything that needs to be updated or fixed, please let us know using the feedback form


APriCoT functional area lead

Electronic resources functional area lead: Jason Dezember (jdezember@berkeley.edu)




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To turn on a “Link in Record database,” there are two ways:

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This document describes how to activate electronic collections.

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This document describes e-resource portfolio activation

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This document describes steps for batch activations in Alma

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This document describes changing order types in Alma

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Before creating a local collection or database

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DARA provides recommendations to institutions using Alma - suggestions for how to better use Alma

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Gobi Ebooks are now autoloaded. We have created a local Electronic Collection called Gobi Ebooks to help us manage the process, and most of the work will take place in that collection.

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Review all changes done in the Community Zone for content UCB has access to.

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One-stop document containing all the links related to onboarding a new Library hire with Alma and UC Library Search.

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