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General system information


UC Library Search (Primo VE):

Berkeley Institution code:

  • 01UCS_BER

Alma logins

For information about requesting and updating Alma logins (for both production and sandbox), visit the Requesting and updating Alma roles document.

Support for Alma and UC Library Search

Are you experiencing an issue with Alma and/or UC Library Search? Then refer to the Alma/UC Library Search Problem Reporting Pathways for Library Staff.

If you notice anything that needs to be updated or fixed on this site, please let us know using the feedback form.

Additional Alma information

Ex Libris Alma documentation and Primo VE (UC Library Search) documentation

UC-wide SILS Confluence site

Alma release and maintenance schedule

System status page (Berkeley is on the NA07 server for Alma and Primo VE)

Timely and/or urgent communication

In the event of a system-related issue, Systems and Discovery Department staff will use the system/component down communication path to inform relevant staff groups. Additional information, can be found in UC Berkeley Alma/Primo VE system down and component down procedure.

Depending on the nature of the update, information may be shared via almastaff@ or libstaff@

Systems related issues can be reported to 

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Local parameter mapping for bib and holdings.

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Staff use Alma Sets to identify multiple records to be manipulated at the same time (e.g., publish metadata in bulk, move a group of records, or run other jobs/processes). The workflow efficiency helps us keep records up to date for our users.

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APriCoT membership

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If you want to request a role in Alma, please follow the procedure for Requesting and updating Alma roles. All other issues related to Alma or UC Library Search can follow the paths below.

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List of MMS ID suffixes and institution codes for each Institution Zone (IZ) and Network Zone (NZ).

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Complete list of location codes

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List of open and resolved support cases with ExLibris to address issues and questions related to Alma and Primo VE functionality

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The host bibliographic tool takes a list of Alma MMS IDs for host bibliographic records  and runs a job which returns a list of the MMS IDs recorded in the MARC 774 $w from each host bibliographic record. For each 774 $w, the following bibliographic fields will be included in the output:

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Provides information on the form created by Library IT which allows the user to prepend notes to internal note fields in batch to items in Alma item sets.

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List of most of the barcode sequences for UC Berkeley, include Berkeley and NRLF barcode sequences. Also included are UC Path and SIS barcode sequences for user records

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