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The Bancroft Library and the Oral History Center have maintained an abiding interest in documenting the development and impact of organized philanthropy in Northern California. The oral histories in the subject area record the experiences and philosophies of men and women who have significantly shaped charitable activities in the Bay Area, many of which continue to influence national and international as well as regional issues.

Interviews focus on major changes in private and foundation giving since the 1960s. Topics include organization and practices of selected Bay Area foundations, growth in corporate giving, changes in government support and policies, development of collaboration among grant-makers, and related concerns. Trustee leadership and community input in shaping public and private philanthropic ventures are also discussed. The interviews listed here typically were not conducted as part of an on-going project. Instead, the majority of these interviews document the singular contributions of individuals to advocacy and philanthropy in the United States and the larger global arena. Interviews are added to this subject category as they are completed. 

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