Hosting a Meal at the Faculty Club or Women’s Faculty Club

Before the meal:

  1. Complete Section A of the Entertainment Pre-approval Request Form
  2. Obtain pre-approval from your AUL or Director via e-mail, unless you were granted a blanket pre-approval for this fiscal year.
  3. If exceptional circumstances apply, obtain the University Librarian's pre-approval.
  4. If you don't know the Faculty Club account number to charge, please ask Zsuzsu Listro or Hannah Martin (Bancroft)
  5. Make your reservation and supply the Faculty Club account number.

After the meal:

  1. When you receive the chit, have the meal charged to the Faculty Club account number.
  2. Keep a copy of the chit. Write the business purpose and host name on the chit.
  3. Complete an Entertainment Check Request Form.
  4. Have the host sign the form.
  5. Email the following to
    • Entertainment Pre-approval Request Form
    • The AUL/Director's email pre-approval (and the UL's pre-approval, if applicable)
    • The Faculty Club chit
    • Entertainment Check Request Form including a list of attendees

Questions: email LBS Entertainment staff at