Forms and Resources

Resource Body
Travel Pre-approval Request All funding requests for travel or professional development activities must be pre-approved by your supervisor, unit head, and AUL/Director before you leave on your trip or begin your activity. Professional development activities include workshops, conferences, classes, webinars, memberships, etc. The link for this form will prompt you to make a copy of the Google doc form template in "My Drive" of your Google drive. Click on the "Make a copy" button to create a copy of the Google doc form.
Transient Occupancy Taxes Exemption (.pdf) California City and County Transient Occupancy Taxes Exemption
Campus Travel Insurance Services, benefits, and registration
Campus Vehicle Rental Program Car Rental Program for UCB Staff
Certificate of Lost/Missing Receipt (.pdf) Complete this form if a required receipt is lost or unavailable to certify actual expenses.
Data Security Policy Library employees are encouraged to be mindful of what they upload to Library Administrative Services (LAS) online forms. While LAS requires documentation such as receipts to support reimbursement.
FAQs regarding AB 1887 California-issued ban on state-funded travel to certain states
Graphic Guide to Funding Approval (.pdf) Visual summary of travel approval and reimbursement procedures
Guide to Campus Reimbursement System How to submit your travel expenses using the Campus Reimbursement System.
Travel Policy for Library Collections (.doc) Travel Policy for Library Collections
Mileage Reimbursement New mileage reimbursement rates effective for expenses incurred on or after January 1, 2019