Renting a Car

If you need to rent a car for local travel, please contact LBS Travel staff at for a Fleet Services Card.

For non-local travel, go to the Connexxus portal to make your car rental reservation. All UC preferred car rental companies are accessible via the travel agent sites.

Insurance considerations

When renting a car for business travel, UC employees can generally decline the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), and Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI). The University has negotiated contracts with rental car agencies that provide this insurance coverage. Drivers on University business will obtain this coverage at no additional cost provided that the UCB Identification Number (shown below) is printed on the traveler contract at the time of rental. If the number is not printed on the contract and there is damage to the car, your department will be charged a minimum of $500 for any damage claim made by the rental company and/or a third party.

Use the UCB Identification number associated with the appropriate agency:

Agency (UCB ID Number)

  • Enterprise (XZ23A01)
  • Hertz (71864)
  • National (5007818)

Exceptions: When you should purchase additional insurance

You should purchase CDW/LDW/SLI insurance if...

  • you are renting in Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories, or foreign countries (even with the use of the UCB Identification Number). The insurance cost will be reimbursable.
  • you do not use one of the contract agencies. If the contract agencies are not available at your pickup location, the insurance cost will be reimbursable.
  • the type of vehicle you need isn't covered under the UCB Identification Number. The insurance cost will be reimbursable.

For additional information on insurance for rented vehicles, visit the Risk Services website.

How do you pay?

You must use a personal credit card, and these charges can be reconciled after the trip by completing a travel expense report using itemized receipts, which will also authorize any necessary reimbursements.

Please note: the rental car receipt must show a zero balance in order for the expense to be reimbursed.