Data Security Policy

Library employees are encouraged to be mindful of what they upload to Library Administrative Services (LAS) online forms. While LAS requires documentation such as receipts to support reimbursement, we do not require any personal information that may be included on these documents (i.e. credit card numbers, home addresses). When you are completing LAS forms, please review your documents and remove or obscure any Protection Level 2 (PL2) or PL3 data that may put you and the Library at risk. Examples of this type of data include:

  • Personal identification numbers (e.g. Social Security Numbers (SSN), Driver's License, Passport numbers)
  • Personal financial account information (e.g. credit card numbers*, bank account information)
  • Health information

*For processing a reimbursement, the Library requires only the last four digits of the credit card number used for the transaction.

In addition to the types of information above, we encourage you to consider removing other personal information, such as home addresses (UCB employees only), date of birth information, signatures (excluding signatures on campus and Library forms), and passport/visa photos.

We suggest that you use Adobe Acrobat’s redaction tool to completely hide, or redact, your personal information. For additional assistance, please contact the Library IT Help Desk.

If you have further questions, please email the LBS Travel staff.