Funding priority: Moffitt Library

With well over a million visits a year, Moffitt Library is among the most popular destinations on campus, drawing students from all departments and disciplines. The final phase of the library’s renovation is set to begin this year, thanks to a generous capstone gift from alumna Nadine Tang M.S.W. ’75. The gift was a tribute to Chancellor Carol T. Christ, whose name will grace the renovated space.

Your support of the Carol T. Christ Center for Connected Learning at Moffitt Library will aid in that bold transformation, providing the leaders of tomorrow with a place to dream up and bring to life their world-changing innovations. Your gift will also honor Chancellor Christ’s long-standing commitment to enhancing the undergraduate experience.  

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Next steps for Moffitt Library’s renovation

Students work in Moffitt Library overlooking Memorial Glade
Students work in Moffitt Library, overlooking Memorial Glade, on the library’s popular renovated fifth floor. (Composite photo by Jonathan Mitchell Photography)

Each floor of the renovated Moffitt Library will greet visitors with something new. The first floor will offer a tranquil sanctuary for students, with plenty of seating, perfect for quiet reflection and studying. The second floor will be radically reenvisioned, transitioning from staff workspaces to a dynamic destination for students, with a maker studio and sleek spots where students can learn alongside, and from, their peers. On the third floor, visitors will find a reimagined space for exhibits, an expanded Free Speech Movement Café, a sunlit lounge where communities can gather, and an enhanced portal to the knowledge that awaits in the Main (Gardner) Stacks. The renovation will unify the lower three floors with the upper two, which reopened in 2016 after a renovation of their own.

The made-over Moffitt will support the undergraduate experience, and help meet students’ needs — from their studies to their social lives — at the world’s greatest public university. 

Your impact, in numbers

24 Moffitt Library is open 24 hours most days, providing students with around-the-clock study space.