Letter to a future student: On Moffitt Library

Moffitt Library is open late and is in the middle of campus, making it a central hub for undergraduates. (Photos by Jami Smith/UC Berkeley Library)

Since it opened in 1970, Moffitt Library has been a home away from home for countless students. After a half-century, the beloved library is getting some much-needed freshening up. The final phase of renovations, scheduled to begin after fall finals this year, will open up hundreds of new spaces for students, fulfilling a critical need on a campus where places to study and socialize are in high demand. In this letter, Sydney Reyes ’24, a library intern and recent graduate, reflects on what Moffitt Library’s ongoing transformation has meant to her, and what new renovations will offer the next generation of Cal students.

Hey, future Bears!

Throughout my time here, I have found the libraries to be a second home. Moffitt Library was especially influential to my collegiate experience. Whether I was finishing my final papers, practicing presentations, or hosting study groups, Moffitt was the place to go!


The renovated fourth and fifth floors were especially amazing! If I was in need of a quiet study space, working on tight deadlines, I loved going to the tranquil fifth floor. When staying up late at night, I loved relaxing in the meditation space. But when I needed time to collaborate on a group project, the fourth floor (known as the “buzz” floor) was the perfect place to go. When I wanted to host group study sessions during midterms, I booked one of Moffitt’s private study rooms. The renovations brought such life to the spaces, and offered so many wonderful opportunities!

I was so excited to hear the news about Moffitt’s renovations to the first through third floors. These updates will create even more innovative spaces, which will be invaluable for future Cal students. I cannot wait to come back and visit the library to see our undergraduates using these brand-new facilities. The transformed floors — which will consist of both individual and collaborative spaces and a maker studio — will bring new opportunities to our future changemakers at Cal!

As I reflect on these precious years at UC Berkeley, I know I will always remember my first time walking into Moffitt. Met with a kaleidoscope of colors and a beautiful view of Memorial Glade, I saw before me a community of lifelong learners.

I’m so excited you get to enjoy and experience Cal, as I have. Best of luck, and Go Bears!


Sydney Reyes ’24
Psychology major
UC Berkeley Library intern