Documentation Distribution

We understand the difficulty in keeping track of all records, but we ask for your help in the implementation of procedures in order to maintain Procurement Card standards for auditing purposes. Please take the time to thoroughly read through the following and acquaint yourself with the procedures listed. Find more information about procedures in the guide "How the system works." If you have any questions, please feel free to call Purchasing at 643-1911 or 643-1832.

Procurement Card transactions remain in the Berkeley Financial System (BFS) for only 15 days from the transaction date before they clear. This requires us to process your paper work as quickly as possible so that the correct accounts are charged and vendors may be contacted in case of any problems or discrepancies.

Procurement Card Forms need to be filled out completely, for each INDIVIDUAL transaction, with the following information:

  • Vendor Name: the name of the vendor that appears on your transaction information (i.e. receipt, confirmation; the name that will appear on the statement from your MasterCard).
  • Price: The total amount includes tax and shipping charges that are given BY THE VENDOR. Please DO NOT include California state tax if the vendor has not done so. Purchasing will accrue the tax in BFS. Please be sure that the total amount is what will actually be charged to your account. Please give prices in US dollars as they appear on your MasterCard receipt and statement; transactions generally do not appear in any other currency for processing purposes. For currency conversions, Oanda is a helpful resource. Please be sure to make the conversion for the day of transaction. Currency rates change quickly, and it is difficult to process multiple charges that have currency discrepancies.Please remember that it is the cardholder's responsibility to know the amount that will be charged to their account, and that it is impossible to process information with only a partial price. Information regarding the amount charged should be provided at the time of the transaction from the vendor.
  • Invoicing: Invoices should be sent to 322 Doe. Please attach email confirmation or a faxed copy of an invoice to your Procurement Card form if the vendor will be shipping the original later. Transactions should always be accompanied by documentation from the vendor regarding the amount of the purchase for both their records and ours, whether this be an email, fax, or the actual receipt. If a vendor does not provide you with documentation at the time of the transaction, please request it. Most vendors are more than happy to fax or email a copy.
  • Account Changes, if required: Perhaps most importantly, please make sure to fill out the chart string account to be charged for the transaction. The default chart string may not be correct, and the wrong fund may be charged if we do not have this information. Please be sure to fill this out correctly and make any changes if necessary.
  • Date: If possible, please indicate the date of the transaction. This should be indicated by your invoice, or receipt.

We understand the difficulty of maintaining records, and these procedures are in order to expedite the process so that we might better serve you. We appreciate all of your help in the reconciliation of Procurement Card Transactions. If you have any further questions, please call at 643-1911 or 643-1832. Thank you!