Unit Heads and AULs/Directors: Approval Workflow

Library Unit Heads and AULs/Directors will approve the purchases that are ordered through BearBUY and charged to unit funds (not central funds) via email.

  1. Shoppers will create and complete a form on the BearBUY site (replacing the Library green order form) and attach it to an email sent to their Unit Heads and AULs to request pre-approval.
  2. Shoppers will include the following information on the email approval request: (See sample form in above link.)
    • Shopping cart name:
    • Description of purchase (charged to unit funds):
    • Purpose of purchase:
    • Chartstring (if known):
    • Estimated Cost:
  3. Shoppers will send an email request to their Unit Head if the amount is $999.99 or less. If the order is $1,000 or more, the AULs/Directors will be copied on the email for additional approval.
  4. The Unit Heads and AULs/Directors will send a reply authorizing the purchase on the unit funds.
  5. Shoppers will submit the order through BearBUY with the attached email approval for documentation purposes.