Goodwin Knight and Edmund G. Brown Gubernatorial Eras in California

California government and politics from 1953 through 1966 are the focus of the Goodwin Knight-Edmund G.Brown, Sr., Oral History Series of the State Government History Project. Conducted by the the Regional Oral History Office (ROHO), of the University of California, Berkeley, the series of 84 interviews carries forward inquiry into significant issues, processes, and personalities in public administration, which was begun in 1969 with the documentation of the Earl Warren governorship. Topics discussed in the Knight-Brown Era interviews include: the rise and decline of the Democratic party, the impact of the California Water Plan, the upheaval of the Vietnam War escalation, capital punishment controversy, election law changes, environmental concerns, new political techniques forced by television and increased social activism, reorganization of the executive branch, growth of federal programs in California, and the rising awareness of minority groups.

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