Distinguished Librarian Award Recipients

2022 David Eifler and Elliott Smith

2020 Randy Brandt, Corliss Lee, and Margaret Phillips

2018 Beth Dupuis and Debbie Jan

2016 Susan Edwards and Brian Quigley

2014 Michaelyn Burnette and William Benemann

2012 Lillian Castillo-Speed and Marci Hoffman (video)

2010  Gary Handman and Barclay Ogden

2007  Waverly Lowell and Alice Youmans

2005  John Roberts and Daniel Krummes

2003  Bette Anton and Beth Weil

2001  Norma Kobzina

1999  Phyllis Bischof and Kathleen Vanden Heuvel

1997  William Roberts

1994  Ronald Heckart

1992  Camille Wanat

1991  Elizabeth Byrne and Thomas Reynolds

1990  Alison Howard and Milton Ternberg

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