Research Opportunities

Grant Opportunities

LAUC Research Grants

LAUC Minigrants and Presentations Program

Townsend Center Fellowship for Librarians

The Townsend Fellowships program supports the research of librarians at UC Berkeley. 

Ideas for Research Projects

Many professional organizations in our field have developed research agendas for their areas of specialty where research could inform decisions. Please contact the committee if you know of other published research agendas that could be added to this list.

Resources for Getting Published

Charbonneau, D. H. "Preparing for Publication: Strategies for Identifying Potential Library Journals." Library Scholarly Publications (2009): 3. Print.

Gordon, Rachel S. The librarian's guide to writing for publication. Scarecrow Press, 2004.

Labaree, Robert V. "Tips for Getting Published in Scholarly Journals: Strategies for Academic Librarians." College & Research Libraries News 65, no. 3 (2004): 137-39.