Townsend Center Fellow Application Process

Townsend Center Fellowship for Librarians

The Townsend Fellowships program supports the research of librarians at UC Berkeley. The Townsend Library Fellow will be expected to meet for regular discussions with graduate students, assistant professors, several tenured faculty, and other invited guests. These discussions allow for interdisciplinary peer review of work in progress in a weekly discussion format.

Townsend Research Fellowships for Librarians application process

Past Townsend Center Librarian Fellows

2011-12: Ramona Martinez
2009-10: James Spohrer
2007-08: Dean Rowan
2006-07: Karen Munro
2005-06: Bette Anton
2003-04: Paul Hamburg
2002-03: Bill Brown
2001-02: Tom Leonard, Senior Faculty Fellow
1999-2000: Samuel Trosow
1996-97: Judy Tsou
1993-94: Gary Handman