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Elements of the dossier

Dossier presentation

  • Dossier materials (signed self-evaluation, supporting documentation, and academic biography) should be saved as searchable PDFs and assembled into a single file using the following naming convention:

Example: Smith-Jones_R_2021_dossier.pdf

where the name is the candidate’s name and the four-digit year is the review cycle year. MS Word documents and Google Docs can be saved as searchable PDFs; if you need to scan documents you can use Adobe Acrobat’s Enhance Scans tool to save the scan as a searchable PDF. PDFs can be combined using Adobe Acrobat’s “Combine pages” function. For candidates in the University Library, your self-evaluation and other documents can be signed using Berkeley eSignatures (Docusign): forward any documents you wish to sign electronically to LHRD. For candidates in the Affiliated Libraries, coordinate document signatures with your RI.

  • Organize your dossier file as you would a physical dossier. Include a cover sheet with your full name, your rank, type of review, and review period clearly stated. Include a table of contents listing all required and relevant documentation in your dossier:
  1. Cover page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Certification: Certification statement (unsigned) and document checklist
  4. Self-evaluation
  5. RI evaluation
  6. AUL/Director/Dean letter (if present; requested for career status and promotion cases)
  7. External letters (if present)
  8. Supporting documentation
  9. Academic biography: CV 

Cover sheets for each section are helpful, as are internal hyperlinks from the ToC to each cover sheet.

  • Proofread everything you add to your dossier file, and save a copy for your future reference.
  • Send a copy of the completed dossier file to your RI.
  • Once you are notified that your dossier is ready to be certified, review all the materials and electronically sign the certification statement.

Sample Dossier Template (developed by Jessie Sherwood) - Librarians may find this template useful in organizing the dossier. Note that use of the template is optional and neither CAPA nor LHRD can provide support in its use. 

CAPA Resources

Campus resources on the librarian review

Official policy and procedure documents on librarian review


Salary scales

Historic CAPA and LAUC Documents