Librarian Review Cycle

Library human resources coordinates the librarian review cycle process in accordance with Berkeley Procedures, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and the Academic Personnel Manual (APM 360) and 210-4). We assist librarians, review initiators and other reviewers with any questions they may have about the review process, and also serve as liaisons between our constituency and the Librarian's Office, CAPA and the campus Academic Personnel Office.

As the Library's office of record, LHRD manages librarian review files after the completion of each review cycle. Librarians may request redacted copies of the confidential material from their dossiers by emailing our office.

For additional support, librarians may choose to consult with their review initiator, LAUC-B mentor, or former CAPA members. LAUC-B also provides a comprehensive guide with additional resources on their website.

Affiliated librarians should contact the Academic Personnel Office with questions about their review or review file.