Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Advancement (CAPA)

Current Roster

Historical Roster of CAPA Members


The Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement (CAPA) is comprised of seven members appointed by the Executive Committee of LAUC-B to staggered, three-year terms. Each member must have career status. Five must be from The Library and two must be from Affiliated Library units. The ad hoc committees are appointed by appropriate administrators (the University Librarian) upon nominations from CAPA.

CAPA reviews all dossiers in the Librarian series for merit, promotion, career status and special cases after they have been certified as complete and after ad hoc committees have written their letters regarding the advisability of promotion or career status. Ad hoc committees do not review merit or special cases. CAPA's letter of recommendation is addressed to the University Librarian for cases from The Library, or to the Vice Provost for the Faculty for cases from Affiliated Library units.

CAPA also reviews all job descriptions for appointments to the Librarian series, including part-time and temporary appointments. CAPA also meets all candidates interviewing for appointment to the Librarian series to evaluate their potential for obtaining career status at Berkeley and to share information related to the Librarian review process. Anyone planning to hire in the Librarian series should send their draft job description to the Chair of CAPA for review and comment as soon as possible.

Members of the ad hoc committees and CAPA observe strict confidentiality regarding individual review cases. It is best to direct all questions regarding the review process to past members of CAPA, your LAUC-B mentor, or your review initiator.

Nomination to CAPA

Nomination to CAPA is limited to librarians who hold the rank of Associate Librarian or Librarian, have achieved career status, and have prior service on an ad hoc review committee. Those interested in serving on CAPA should, if contacted by CAPA about serving on ad hoc review committees, indicate their willingness to do so if at all possible. Responsibility lies with individual librarians to inform themselves about the time commitment involved and to communicate with their supervisors.


  • Annual CAPA Review Workshop (see the Librarian Review page for most recent documents)