UCB Recipients of LAUC Research Grants

Brandt, Randal 2018 The Poor Man’s Guide to David Dodge
Michels, Lara 2018 Take seriously the rhetoric in which we are immersed
Pendse, Liladhar Ramchandra 2016 Tracing the Arab Spring: Bibliographic and historical landscape of Egyptian Cinema Periodicals from Taalat Harb to Tahrir Square
Benemann , William 2015 Covering the Waterfront: Using Military, Governmental and Academic Archives to Trace Homosexuality During the Age of Sail
Eason, James 2015 Photographs of NW Boundary Survey
Jones, Lynn 2015 Analysis of the fitness of Berkeley’s anthropology collections to support doctoral research
Pendse, Liladhar Ramchandra 2014 Improving Access to the Late 19th Century and Early 20th Century Periodicals Press of Azerbaijan
Edwards, Susan 2014 Collection Analysis for the Social Sciences
Brandt, Randal S. 2011 David Dodge: A Bio-Bibliography
Loo, Jeffrey 2011 The value of a doctoral education in academic librarianship: The perceptions of PhD librarians
Xue, Susan 2011 Statistical Sources of the Republic of China (1912-1949): An Annotated Bibliography
Nelson, Jennifer K 2010 Latin for Rare Materials Catalogers
Brunner, Marta 2009 SPOKE Day-long Series on Open Access Monograph Publishing at the Second International PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference
Bolstad, Judy 2009 From Information to Inspiration: How Libraries Can Shape the Future of Diversity by Connecting People and Building Community
Erviti, Manuel 2008 An Edition and Study of N.C. Bochsa's "The Power of Imitative Music"
de Lorenzo, David 2007 Edward Miner Gallaudet and the Sign Language Debate, 1867-1888
Atwood, Paul 2006 Information Sources: San Francisco Water Supply
Benemann, William 2006 The Freedom of the Frontier: Documenting Male-Male Intimacy in the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade
Snow, Maryly 2006 One Hundred Years of Architectural History at UC Berkeley: A Comparative View
Chang, Jaeyong 2005 The Korean Diaspora: An Annotated Bibliography and its Database - Phase II
Castillo-Speed, Lillian 2005 Revision of the Chicano Thesaurus
Chang, Jaeyong 2004 The Korean Diaspora: An Annotated Bibliography and its Database
Cushing, Lincoln 2004 Database of American Labor Graphics
Benemann, William 2003 Roscoe Pound and the Women of Berkeley: Class and Gender in American Legal Education
Berry, John D. 2002 American Indian Periodical Indexing and Database Project
Cushing, Lincoln
Huwe, Terry
2002 Database of American Labor Graphics
Byrne, Elizabeth
Lowell, Waverly
2001 Centennial History of the UCB Architecture Program  (Part 2) 
Salazar, Theresa 2001 New Mexican Santos and Santeros: An Annotated  Bibliography
Byrne, Elizabeth 2000 Centennial History of the UCB Architecture Program (Part 1)
Vida, Linda
Brandt, Randal
2000 Survey of California Water and Irrigation Districts
Benemann, William 1999 The Dog That Did Not Bark: Using Traditional Archival Resources to Document Hidden Lives
Roumani-Denn, Vivienne 1998 The Last Jews of Libya
Chou, Yu-Lan 1998 Asian Language Newspapers in the U.S.
Hardwick, Bonnie 1997 Richard H. Kern Drawings of the Gunnison Expedition
Snow, Maryly 1997 History of the Visual Copy
McMahon, Suzanne 1997 Beyond transliteration: using Unicode on the web for South Asian Scripts
Tsou, Judy 1995 Study of images of Chinese in American popular music
Benemann, William 1993 Digitizing Japanese American Evacuation and Resettlement Photographs
Burnette, Michaelyn 1990 Bradden & Ward: Bibliography of Critical Works
Handman, Gary 1990 Issues and Trends in Video Collection Development
Huwe, Terry 1990 Classification Issues Facing Special Libraries
Evans, Peter 1989 International Directory of Forestry and Forest Products libraries
Howland, Joan 1989 Utah Divorce Statute of 1852
Levin ,Marc 1989 Office-Seeking Behavior of Local Public Officials in the SF Area
Snow, Maryly 1989 Access to Diverse Collections in University Settings
Castillo-Speed, Lily 1988 Chicano Periodical Literature in Pre-1982 Non-Chicano Journals
Katz, Jeffrey 1987 Shape of Thought: A Syntactic Approach to Writing Style
Levin, Marc 1987 Office-Seeking Behavior of Local Public Officials in the SF Area
Hazan, D.C. 1986 Assessment of Quantitative Evaluation Techniques for Latin Americans
Meltzer, Ellen 1986 Moffitt Library Catalog Use Study
Poon, Wei Chi 1986 Guide for Re-establishing Asian American Core Collections
Basart, Ann 1985 Publishing Opportunities in Music: A Guide
Brem, Walter 1985 Official Publications of Mexico
Keller, M.A. 1985 Italian Music and Lyric Poetry of the Renaissance
Keller, M.A. 1984 Anthologies of Italian Music and Lyric Poetry of the Renaissance
Peete, Gary 1984 Investigation of CLSI Data in Collection Development
Vanderberg, P. 1984 MELVYL Online Catalog Instruction Project
Kassinec, Edward 1982 A Series of Essays on Soviet Librarianship
Logan, K. 1982 Provisions of Main Entry Access to Half Dozen Indic Series
Kassinec, Edward 1981 Slavic & East European Resources and Research Centers in the Bay Area

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