2003 Distinguished Librarian Award Recipients

Bette Anton was nominated by Dennis M. Levi, Dean of the School of Optometry, who wrote that in all of her service and professional activities, Bette is engaged, energetic, and a leader ... Bette easily fulfills the criterion of excellence in librarianship, specifically as if furthers the teaching and research missions of the Berkeley campus, and ... she brings great distinction to the School of Optometry, the Library, and the University of California. Her inspired leadership has benefitted the Association of Vision Science Librarians, LAUC-Berkeley and CAPA, the Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Advancement, all three of which she chaired. Organizers of the 4th International Bioethics Retreat held in Paris, in May 2001 invited Bette to be the first and only librarian to be included. In recognition of her invaluable teaching and research guidance, the 2001 graduating class honored her with a special award for outstanding thesis support.

Beth Weil, nominated by Jeremy Thorner, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, has earned the highest levels of faculty support, student gratitude, and respect from professional colleagues. Faculty colleagues praise Beths leadership as manager of the Marian Koshland Bioscience and Natural Resources Library and her great skill in blending the collections of five libraries into a unified and much improved institution at the cutting edge of science libraries world-wide. She has provided leadership to the Collections Advisory Council, to the BIOSIS Implementation Task Force which has advised the Presidents Office of UC, and has successfully worked with donors to achieve strong support for her library. Perhaps her most important and prestigious service outside the University has been as a member of the National Academy of Sciences Library Advisory Board, on which she has served since 1998. She has also been invited to serve on the Public Library of Science Board of Directors.

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"Bette Anton and Beth Weil" "Berdahl, Urbanic, Kobzina"
2003 Distinguished Librarian Award Recipients: Beth Weil (l) and Bette Anton (r) (l to r): Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl, 2003-04 LAUC-B Chair Allan Urbanic, 2001 Distinguished Librarian Norma Kobzina
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