Distinguished Librarian Award Guidelines

Please email DLA Committee Chair Ramona Collins | rccollins@law.berkeley.edu

1. Purpose of the Award
This award is intended to recognize excellence in librarianship, specifically as it furthers the teaching and research missions of the University on the Berkeley campus. The award is administered and funded by LAUC-B, and as such is distinct from regular promotion and advancement opportunities.

2. Criteria for Excellence in Librarianship
A successful candidate will demonstrate:

  • Specific achievements or sustained excellence in fulfilling the missions of the UC Berkeley libraries: to acquire, organize, interpret, and provide access to information and knowledge
  • Significant impact on the campus community and/or the library profession
  • A consistent embodiment of the highest standards of librarianship, which enhance the activities and quality of the campus' intellectual community

These criteria may be met in a variety of ways, including activity which involves exceptional:

  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Intellectual or moral courage 
  • Leadership
  • Scholarship

Most previous winners have demonstrated exceptional achievement over long careers as library leaders.

3. Eligibility
All current members of the Berkeley Division of the Librarians Association of the University of California (except sitting members of the Distinguished Librarian Award Committee and previous winners) who will be active at the time of the award are eligible to be nominated.

4. Nominations
Nominations are requested by the Distinguished Librarian Award Committee which is appointed by the LAUC-B Executive Committee. Nominations may be submitted by LAUC-B members (except by sitting members of the Distinguished Librarian Award Committee), faculty, staff and students. Nominations shall be kept confidential. All nominations should be supported by appropriate documentation.

5. Timeline

  • Please send your notice of intention to nominate someone via email to Ramona Collins (rccollins@law.berkeley.edu), Chair, DLA Committee, by Friday, June 3, 2022
  • Please send complete nomination documentation packet (see below) via email to Ramona Collins (rccollins@law.berkeley.edu), Chair, DLA Committee, by Friday, August 5, 2022Note: The nominator is responsible for assembling the packet, not the DLA committee.

6. Nomination Documentation
Concise presentations focusing on the nominee’s contributions to the Berkeley campus are encouraged. The following materials should be supplied by the nominator:

  • Cover letter outlining the nature of the outstanding contribution(s)
  • Supporting letters (not more than five) from persons directly affected by the nominee's work. 
  • Nominee’s resume or curriculum vitae.

If additional information is needed, a member of the Award Committee will contact the nominator.

7. Number and Frequency of Awards
One or two awards may be granted every cycle; a cycle is two years. There is no requirement to grant an award in each cycle.

8. Notification of Award
The award recipient is notified prior to the official announcement of the award.

9. Award Ceremony
The selected Distinguished Librarian/s is/are publicly honored at an award ceremony, the LAUC-B Fall Assembly or at other appropriate fora. In addition, the award recipient receives a cash award and commemorative certificate.

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