2010 Distinguished Librarian Award Recipients

The LAUC-B Distinguished Librarian Award Committee is very pleased to announce that the recipients of the 2010 awards are Gary Handman and Barclay Ogden.

Each of our Distinguished Librarians has accumulated a body of achievements that has not only significantly advanced the research mission of the university but has also rewritten the professional conversations in their respective fields.

Gary Handman

Gary Handman has built the Media Resources Center into one of the largest and most respected such collections in the U.S., complemented by a heavily used website notable for its extensive bibliographies, videographies, and online materials. He is deeply involved in campus teaching and research, teaching courses himself in the Film Department as well as advising faculty, one of whom calls him "a gem ... one of the most valuable assets within the University of California library system."

Barclay Ogden

Untold numbers of books and other materials are available to users today because of Barclay Ogden's work as a preservation librarian. Every campus library has benefited both from his immediate responsiveness (occasionally in the middle of the night) and from his insightful long range planning. Barclay was instrumental in developing the University of California Preservation Program, which led to the creation of conservation labs at libraries throughout the UC system. In 2009, Barclay received the American Library Associations Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award. A colleague commented that "When one thinks of library preservation in this country, one thinks of Barclay. He has been perhaps the key figure at the national level for some thirty years."

* * *

The members of the award committee are Corliss Lee, Doe/Moffitt Instructional Services (chair); Elizabeth Byrne, Environmental Design Library; Marlene Harmon, Law Library; John Kupersmith, Doe/Moffitt Instructional Services; and George Oster, Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology.

source: CU News