Library privileges for unregistered students on filing fee status

UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students who are completing unfinished coursework, or who are on filing fee status, may have their library privileges extended. In order to have your library privileges extended, you may email Privileges Staff ( or visit us at the Privileges Desk with:

  • A letter from your adviser/department (on letterhead) affirming your ongoing “good standing” and intention to complete your program
  • Payment of $25 can be made online once invoiced in your library account or can be made in person at the desk.

Alternatively, you may mail us a copy of the letter and a check for $25 (payable to UC Regents) with your student ID number in the notes field to:

Privileges / Unregistered
198 Doe Library #6000
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000

Once you have supplied these items, your privileges will be extended for six months. You will retain the same privileges you had as an enrolled student, including, but not limited to, database access via the proxy server. Please note that as an unregistered student, your checkouts will not automatically renew.

If you enroll again as a current UC Berkeley student, you will need to contact us so we can switch your account back to that of a current student.

Students interested in locating forms for initiating filing fee status should consult the Graduate Division Forms & Applications webpage.