The connections issue: ‘Fiat Lux’ examines the people, ideas, and innovations that bring us together

At the Library, nothing lives in isolation. For our latest issue of Fiat Lux, we explore the connections — the people, ideas, and innovations that bring us together. Our deep dive on Mark Twain reveals his status as a cultural Forrest Gump, brushing shoulders and forging friendships with a virtual who’s who of society, as revealed through original letters and writings from the Library’s Mark Twain Papers and Project. We shine a light on a pioneering Berkeley criminologist who connected the dots, using groundbreaking scientific techniques, to try to crack some of the most notorious crimes of his time. (His collection, including correspondence, notes, and even crime scene evidence, is held by The Bancroft Library and is now open to researchers.)  And, of course, we highlight some of the clubs and initiatives that, each day, connect students with technologies and resources that enrich their learning and help them navigate this digital age. Explore the issue.