UC Berkeley’s libraries

Campus with trees
Pedestrians walk in front of Bancroft Library with the East Asian Library in the distance. (Photo by Jami Smith/UC Berkeley Library)

You can’t travel far on UC Berkeley’s idyllic campus without running across one of its many libraries.

Berkeley’s libraries have something for everyone, from the trove of primary documents chronicling the West at Bancroft, to the collaborative and innovative spaces at Moffitt, to the vast and unparalleled collections at Doe — a beacon of information standing in the shadow of the iconic Campanile. Together, they help sustain UC Berkeley as a leading producer of knowledge, and support an institution that’s often considered one of the best universities in the world.


  1. Art History + Classics
  2. Bancroft
  3. Bioscience, Natural Resources + Public Health
  4. Business
  5. Chemistry, Astronomy + Physics
  6. Doe
  7. Earth Sciences + Map
  8. East Asian
  9. Engineering
  10. Environmental Design
  11. Graduate Services
  12. Main (Gardner) Stacks
  13. Mathematics Statistics
  14. Moffitt
  15. Morrison
  16. Music
  17. Newspapers + Microforms
  18. NRLF
  19. Social Research
  20. South + Southeast Asia