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Collection Services Council

Last updated: June 2017


The Collections Services Council (CSC), through broad Library representation, provides support and guidance on the stewardship of Berkeley’s substantial and notable Library collections.

The Library collections support scholarship and teaching across the University’s broad range of programs in the humanities, area studies, social sciences, and sciences, as well as an expanding set of interdisciplinary initiatives. The council’s members bring a wide breadth of collection development expertise from across all the Library units. The committee advises and takes direction from the Associate University Librarian (AUL) for Scholarly Resources and the Collection Development Leadership Group (CDLG).

CSC implements strategic directions, recommends policies, and provides guidance on the coordination of collection development and acquisition activities across the Library collections.  All matters pertaining to the acquisition of, creation of, and access to all forms and formats of information are considered.

The UC Berkeley Library stands firm in the opposition to discrimination and systemic oppression. Social justice, equal rights, and equal treatment for all are bedrock principles for the UC Berkeley Library as we fulfill our public mission. It is clear that we must do more to address systemic and structural racism, prejudice, and bias in both the workplace and in the campus community. The Collections Services Council strives to advance the Library’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the context of our work.

The Collection Services Council is one of three functional councils within the Library and consults regularly with the Library’s three subject councils.

Objectives and strategies

The Library Strategic Plan objectives shape the activities of this council. The council makes recommendations to the AUL for Scholarly Resources and CDLG and assists with implementation of activities that enable the realization of the following objectives and strategies.

Improve how scholars access resources


  1. Optimize the usability and impact of scholarly resources through effective and collaborative curation, acquisition, licensing, preservation, discovery and accessibility.
  2. Create and preserve digital collections that expand use of our historic and current materials through widespread digitization and new access services.
  3. Equip scholars with robust, user-centered services and tools to successfully navigate the complex information landscape.
  4. Develop long-term solutions that address Berkeley’s space and preservation needs and challenges.

Help develop emerging areas of scholarship


Champion and transform the practices of scholarly communication to increase access, reduce cost and improve dissemination of Berkeley scholarship.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Advise the AUL for Scholarly Resources around challenges and opportunities related to collections strategic directions and priorities.
  • Develop and consult with CDLG on shared principles for strategic collection planning.
  • Make recommendations to the AUL for Scholarly Resources and CDLG on best practices for collections-related policies and procedures as well as guidelines for selector performance.
  • Make recommendations to the AUL for Scholarly Resources and CDLG on how to identify, gather, and assess data needed for evidence-based decision-making regarding collections, and work with the Assessment Librarian in projects associated with collections.
  • Advise the AUL for Scholarly Resources on technical operations and procedures in support of collection acquisitions, access, and discovery.
  • Monitor national and international trends in collection development and collaboration; bring new ideas to CSC for vetting and exploration.
  • Form and participate in working groups in alignment with the AUL’s strategic goals and objectives.
  • Work with the AUL for Scholarly Resources and CDLG to formulate and facilitate communication concerning collections among units within the libraries and with campus stakeholders.
  • Share updates with Library councils and expertise groups.

Agenda and meeting schedule

  • The AUL for Scholarly Resources works with committee members to develop monthly agendas.
  • Agendas and supporting materials are distributed the week before each meeting; meetings are open.
  • Council meetings occur monthly.
  • Minutes are shared with the Council for approval and are distributed, immediately upon their formal approval, to the entire library staff.
  • Meeting schedule: first Tuesday of each month, 10-11:30 a.m., 251 Doe Library.

Commitment of council members

Council members are expected to:

  • Raise issues or opportunities that require exploration or consideration.
  • Communicate information distributed to the membership and/or discussed at the meeting to their constituent groups.
  • Participate in the shared learning environment and contribute to the ongoing education of the group.
  • Serve as a representative voice for their constituent group during meetings and discussions, and take a library-wide perspective when considering options and making recommendations.
  • Attend monthly meetings and participate in Collection Services Council working groups.
  • Participate in discussion and the decision-making process in a respectful, collaborative and collegial manner.
  • Be prepared for each meeting (e.g. advance reading or preparation) and complete previously assigned work as requested.


Chaired by the Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Resources, the Collection Services Council is composed of:

  • Two selectors from each subject council; 2-year term, staggered terms
  • A representative from the East Asian Library; 1-year term, rotating membership
  • A representative from The Bancroft Library; 1-year term, rotating membership
  • Head of Acquisitions
  • Collections Program and Project Analyst
  • Cataloging/Metadata representative, 2-year term
  • Preservation representative, 2-year term
  • Assessment Librarian

Regular guests will remain on the listserv and agendas will be sent out to allusers in advance. Staff from Library Business Services and NRLF (Northern Regional Library Facility) will attend when they are involved with or interested in an item on the agenda. A member from the affiliated libraries is always welcome to attend.

Roster as of July 1, 2020

Co-Chair: Stacy Reardon, Arts & Humanities Council (term ends 2022)
Co-chair: Jesse Silva, Scholarly Resources Strategy (permanent member)

• José Adrián Barragán-Álvarez, Bancroft Library (term ends 2022)
• Jean Dickinson, Cataloging and Metadata Council (term ends 2021)
• Natalia Estrada, Social Sciences Council, (term ends 2021)
• Mohamed Hamed, Arts & Humanities Council (term ends 2021)
• Mark Hemhauser, Head of Acquisitions (ex officio)
• Chan Li, Assessment Librarian (permanent member)
• Sherry Lochhaas, Electronic Resources Librarian (term ends 2021)
• Toshie Marra, East Asian Library (term ends 2022)
• JoAnne Newyear-Ramirez, Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Resources (permanent member)
• Liladhar Pendse, Social Sciences Council (term ends 2022)
• Anna Sackmann, Sciences Council (term ends 2022)
• Michael Sholinbeck, Sciences Council (term ends 2021)
• Hannah Tashjian, Preservation (term ends 2022)