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Collection Development Leadership Group

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The Collection Development Leadership Group (CDLG) advises and assists the AUL to provide leadership in all aspects of collection development, acquisition, access, discovery and preservation. CDLG establishes policies and best practices, and provides strategic direction and guidance to realize a library-wide collection that supports UC Berkeley’s current research and teaching, to preserve and protect collections for scholarship of the future, and to reflect good stewardship and management of collection’s budget.  CDLG identifies priorities on all issues pertaining to the Library collections, including selection, acquisition, and collection development. CDLG is a major stakeholder on issues of scholarly communication, assessment, preservation, and management of the Library’s scholarly resources. CDLG members provide guidance and direction to selectors and the Collection Services Council (CSC) in order to further the Library’s strategic plan and the stewardship of the Library’s collections.

The Library Strategic Plan objectives will shape the activities of this CDLG and the Collection Services Council. CDLG will work with the AUL on all matters related to collection development. CDLG will consult and provide direction with CSC. CDLG will make decisions and advise AUL on activities that contribute to the realization of the following objectives:

Improve How Scholars Access Resources

  1. Optimize the usability and impact of scholarly resources through effective and collaborative curation, acquisition, licensing, preservation, discovery and accessibility.
  2. Create and preserve digital collections that expand the use of our historic and current materials through widespread digitization and new access services.
  3. Equip scholars with robust, user-centered services and tools to successfully navigate the complex information landscape.
  4. Develop long-term solutions that address Berkeley’s space and preservation needs and challenges.

Help Develop Emerging Areas of Scholarship

  1. Champion and transform the practices of scholarly communication to increase access, reduce cost and improve dissemination of Berkeley scholarship.

Grow as an Adaptive Learning Organization

  1. Build and sustain a library-wide program of assessment, focusing on user-centered needs to inform decisions on collections, services and operations.


  • Review and advise the AUL on CSC recommendations:
    • challenges and opportunities related to collections strategic plan directions and priorities
    • shared principles for strategic collection planning directions
    • strategic directions, policies and guidelines on broad scholarly resource issues.
    • best practices for collections-related policies and procedures
    • guidelines for selector performance
    • how to identify, gather, and assess data needed for evidence-based decision-making regarding collections, and work with the Assessment Librarian in projects associated with collections.
  • Strategize and help prioritize major task groups and projects initiated by CSC as appropriate.
  • Work with selectors on implementing guidelines for selector performance expectations.
  • Collaborate on strategic budget planning and overall resource allocation and expenditure tracking strategies across the library and within the divisions.
  • Provide recommendations and advice on AUL discretionary spending;
  • Share updates, directions and provide support to Councils, Divisions and CSC.
  • Monitor and encourage collaboration among UC-wide selector groups and with the California Digital Library.
  • Work with the AUL and CSC to formulate and facilitate communication concerning collections among units within the Libraries and with campus stakeholders.


  • Jo Anne Newyear-Ramirez, AUL for Scholarly Resources
  • Abby Scheel, Division Head for Arts & Humanities
  • Brian Quigley, Division Head for Engineering & Physical Sciences
  • Shannon Kealey, Division Head for Life & Health Sciences
  • Susan Edwards, Division Head for Social Sciences
  • Mark Hemhauser, Head of Acquisitions
  • Jesse Silva, Scholarly Resources Strategy Librarian


CDLG meets on the second and third Tuesdays of the month from 10a-12p. The AUL provides regular updates of CDLG meetings to CSC