Giving to the Social Research Library

Thank you for considering a gift to our library. Over the years, the library and the campus have been enhanced immeasurably through the generosity of alumni, friends, and the community.

Books and journals

We welcome individual gifts of books, but due to space limitations, we must carefully review all gifts for their usefulness. We cannot retain duplicates of books already in our collections, outdated textbooks, or books in poor condition. We will retain journals only if they help complete our holdings.

To donate books to social work collections at other universities, search for accredited social work schools in California. Click the link for a school and search for the campus library. Often, you will find an "About the library" page that will contain information on how to make a donation.

Public libraries, including those in Berkeley, Oakland, or Richmond, may also be able to use your material.

Financial gifts

You may make a donation directly to the library through the Social Research Library fund. Or see the many different ways of giving to the UC Berkeley Library.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Library Development Office at