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Interlibrary Borrowing services for UC Berkeley patrons (continued)

Feb 24 - Mar 2
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Eligible members of the UC Berkeley community are:
  • Currently enrolled students: Undergraduate and Graduate
  • Active and retired faculty and staff
  • Visiting scholars registered with the Visiting Scholars Program
  • UC Office of the President 
  • Proxy Card holders

Note: Patrons at other UC campuses will need to use interlibrary services through their home institution. 

Proxy Card Privilege - Faculty may authorize a research assistant(s) as a proxy to check out library materials on their library account. Please see: Information for Faculty and Instructors

Alumni Association members do not have Interlibrary Borrowing privileges. Patrons who are not eligible for IBS may make requests at their local public library. If you aren't sure if you are eligible, please contact the Privileges Desk.


Interlibrary Borrowing Policies

  • Loan periods - The lending library sets the loan period which may range from one month to six months. IBS materials are subject to recall by the lending library at any time. Please return recalled materials immediately to insure that your UC Berkeley library privileges are not suspended. IBS requests may not be placed for material to be used for course reserve or other long-term projects.

  • Overdue material - Please monitor your due dates in your UC Library Search account.  If you do not return your books after the reminder notices, your library account will be blocked and you will be billed the full replacement cost of the item and any additional fees

  • Loss and damage - As the borrower, you are responsible for any damage to or loss of IBS materials from the time you pick them up until you return them. You are also responsible for damage caused by scanning or copying from the material. Should any damage occur, report it to IBS directly. Do not attempt to repair it yourself.

  • E-books are not currently available for interlibrary loan due to licensing restrictions.

  • Textbooks and Test Prep books - The Library does not borrow textbooks through Interlibrary Borrowing Services (IBS). Generally, the loan periods given for books do not cover a full semester and may be recalled at any time. Faculty make course materials available to students through Course Reserves . Materials may also be available for purchase or rent through the Cal Bookstore. Along with textbooks, we cannot borrow test prep (e.g. GMAT, MCAT, GRE, LSAT), and "[Subject] for Dummies" books.

  • Special conditions - The lending library may impose special conditions on the use of their material. Common conditions include: library use only, restricted reading room use in the Bancroft Library, no renewals, no photocopying, or user's signature required. Conditions are noted on the IBS band attached to the material. When you accept the IBS loan, you are obliged to honor these conditions.

  • Special materials - Many libraries will not lend rare, fragile, new, or unique materials. Also, they may not lend whole volumes of recent periodicals, DVDs, or special collection materials.

  • Graduate Theological Union materials - UC Berkeley students, faculty, visiting scholars, and library staff have library privileges at the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) library, so material available at GTU is not eligible for ILL. To obtain a GTU library card, bring your UCB ID card to the GTU Circulation Desk. For hours and directions, visit https://www.gtu.edu/library.

  • Law Library materials - The Law Library is open to Berkeley faculty and graduate students who wish to use the library for legal research. Undergraduates who wish to use the Law Library collection for research purposes only must first apply for an access pass at circadmin@law.berkeley.edu. During exam periods for law students the library will be open to Berkeley Law students only. Check the Berkeley Law Library catalog.

  • Please note: IBS will not process requests for materials which UC Berkeley owns and is listed as AVAILABLE in UC Library Search.

Pick Up and Return of Interlibrary Borrowing Material

You can select your favorite library as a pickup location. When you make your request, select your preferred location from the drop down list of available locations.  You will receive a pick-up email, when the item is ready.

You can return Interlibrary Borrowing material to any campus library circulation desk except the Law Library.

Please note:   

  • Items are held for you to pick up for one week only.

  • You will need to pick up your ILL books in person with your current UC Berkeley ID or Library Card. Checkouts are non-transferable.

  • ILL books will appear in your UC Library Search inventory along with UC Berkeley books you have checked out. 

  • If a lender restricts the material to Library Use Only, you will receive an email with the location where you can view the material (Bancroft Library, Newspaper & Microform Library, Media Resource Center, or Morrison Library). These books are considered Non-Circulating, so they will not be listed in your UC Library Search inventory.

  • Articles/chapters - Most scans of articles/book chapters are filled digitally and sent directly to your email on file. You can also ​log in to your My ILL account ​​to ​download available​ ​documents​. Documents will remain available for up to five views or 30 days​. If a lender provides a paper copy, you will receive an email notification to pick up the copy from the Interlibrary Services office.

  • Visiting Scholars: ILL items will be counted toward your maximum number of checkouts allowed, along with your UC Berkeley checkouts.

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