Issue #1:
Alarums and Diversions:
Disasters at Cal

Spring 1998

Issue #2:
Ladies Blue and Gold
Fall 1998

Issue #3:
West of Eden:
The University and the Environment

Spring 2000

Issue #4:
The University at the Turn of the Century: Then and Now
Fall 2000

Issue #5:
Against the Grain:
Conflict and Controversy at the University of California

Spring 2002

Issue #6:
The Arts and Culture

Spring 2004

Planned Issues

Switching Places
Fall 2005

In 1898 Bernard Moses, the University of California's first professor of history, established the University Chronicle, later known as the University of California Chronicle. He saw that "there were and would be public addresses at the University and documents relating to the affairs of the institution that ought to be preserved and made readily available," as he wrote in his unpublished autobiography. 

That Chronicle, appearing quarterly between 1898 and 1933, provided its readers with intelligent and entertaining accounts of contemporary events in the university's social, academic, and administrative life. Moreover, the Chronicle no doubt assisted in creating and fostering an identity, crucial not only for the campus community but also in mediating the university's dealings with the public.  

Today, our institutional identity might appear to be firmly established--UC and its several distinguished campuses are known throughout the world--but institutional memory is ebbing. Every year thousands of new students (along with new faculty members, administrators, and staff) enter the university's campuses with little knowledge of the institution beyond its admissions requirements, academic ratings, and perhaps its reputation for radicalism in the 1960s. And every year almost as many students leave knowing little more about their alma mater than when they entered. 

While institutional identity will and must evolve, it should maintain a self-consciousness of its direction of acknowledging its past. Without memory there is no identity; without identity the university is left as a mere collection of disparate buildings and people.  

It is with this in mind that we, the Editorial Board, have revived the University of California Chronicle, in spirit if not in content. The new Chronicle, in contrast to the earlier publication has a more historical perspective. We are able to consider the current events of our predecessors in the content of ongoing changes within the university. Embracing this opportunity, the new Chronicle, at least initially, is organized around single themes that present an inherent longitudinal view of the university's development. The Chronicle welcomes suggestions of issue and article topics and authors.

Chronicle issues are available in the Student Store and other bookstores and by order from:                                           

Chronicle of the University of California
c/o The Center for Studies in Higher Education             
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-4650

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The cost is $20 a copy (tax included) or $36 for a two-issue subscription, or for any two issues.

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