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Ahlport, Brodie E., b. April 1, 1898; d. July 3, 1968. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Mosk, 1941-56; reappointed, 1956-72; resigned, 1957. Education: A.B. 1922, UC Berkeley; 1925-26, Harvard Law School; 1927-28, Southwestern Law School. Career: lecturer, 1927-30, Southwestern Law School; lecturer, 1932-33, L.A. Stock Exchange Inst.; admitted to California Bar, 1928; with O'Melveny, Tuller and Myers, 1928-39; Olson and Ahlport, 1939-42; California Code Comn., 1940-42; director, 1950-53, Los Angeles Heart Association; judge, Superior Court, 1957-.

Ainsworth, George Jennings, b. April 13, 1852, Oregon City, Ore.; d. Oct. 20, 1895, Portland, Ore. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent McKee, 1883-95. Education Ph.B. 1873, UCB; post grad work in civil engineering. Career: began as freight clerk, then purser, then captain, 1875-77, general superintendent, 1877-82, Oregon Steam Navigation Co.; by 1879 in full charge of all steamboats on Columbia and Willamette Rivers for Oregon Railway & Navigation Co.; resigned to take charge of father's business, 1882; came to Oakland, 1882; general superintendent of Oregon Railroad Co.; owner of Rodondo Hotel; returned to Oregon, 1893.

Allen, Doris. Ex Officio Regent as Speaker of the Assembly, 1995. Career: First female Speaker of the State Assembly. Member of the Republican party.

Alshuler, Robert Edward, b. Aug. 9, 1920, Racine, Wis. Ex officio Regent as president, Alumni Association of UC, 1962-63. Education: A.B. 1942, UC Los Angeles; attended law school, University of Southern California. Career: assistant vice-president, loan department, L.A. Coast Federal Savings and Loan Association, 1944-47; self-employed, Lender's Service Co., 1947-48; partner, 1948-51, president, 1951-, Metropolitan Mortgage Corp. President, UCLA Alumni Association, 1961-63.

Andelson, Sheldon W., b. March 5, 1931, Chicago, Ill.; d. Dec. 29, 1987. Appointed Regent by Gov. Jerry Brown for a term beginning in 1982; term ended upon his death in 1987. Andelson was the first openly gay person to be appointed a UC Regent. Committee memberships (1987-88): Audit, Investments, Hospital Governance. Education: B.A. 1952, Stanford University; J.D. 1955, University of Southern California. Career: Founding partner, Andelson, Andelson and Braff. Founder, Bank of Los Angeles. Co-owner, Trumps Restaurant, Los Angeles. Member of the Democratic Party.

Anderson, Alden, b. Oct. 11, 1867, Meadville, Penn.; d. Sept. 23 1944, Sacramento. Ex officio Regent as speaker of the assembly, 1899-1900; as Lt. governor, 1903-07; appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Taussig, 1922-32. Education: 1880-83, University of the Pacific. Career: fruit grower and packer, 1886, Solano county; manager, 1902-1909; California Fruit Distributors Association; director, 1906-09, California National Bank, Sacramento; president, 1910-, Capital National Bank, Capital Federal Savings and Loan Association, Sacramento, Senator Hotel Corp.; state supt. of banks, 1909-10; president, 1911-26, Redding National Bank; director, 1914-18, Federal Reserve Bank, S.F.; vice-president, Central California Traction Co., Bank of Rio Vista, Consumers Ice and Cold Storage Co.; assemblyman, 1897-1902; lt. governor, 1902-06. Director: Assoc. Oil Co., Natomas Co. of California, Tide Water Assoc. Oil Co. (N.Y.), Capital Fire Insurance Co., Sacramento, Natomas Water Co., Rice Growers Association of California.

Anderson, Gail G., b. Aug. 20, 1943, Los Angeles, Cal. Ex Officio Regent as Vice President, Alumni Association, 1991-92. Committee memberships (1991-92): Educational Policy, Grounds and Buildings, Investments, Select a Student Regent. Education: BA Anthropology, 1965, UC Santa Barbara; MA Education 1975, California Polytechnic State University; EDD Education 1978, Auburn University. Career: Elementary school teacher, 1967-74; Principal, 1976-80; Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Tiburon, 1980-82; Superintendent of Schools, Orinda, 1982-87; Piedmont 1987-

Anderson, Glenn M., b. Feb. 21, 1913, L.A. Ex officio Regent as Lt. Gov., 1959-67. Education: A.B., UCLA. Career: automotive and real estate business, Hawthorne, Cal., 1933-43; Hawthorne mayor, 1940-43; member, California assembly, 1943-51; U.S. Army, 1943-45; property investments and building, 1946-58; lt. governor, California 1958-. Pres. and chairman of board, Downtown Enterprises; director, Hawthorne Financial Corporation; chairman, Interstate Coop Comn. of California, 1959-; trustee, California state colleges, 1961-; Congressman, 32nd district.

Anderson, J. W., b. April 1, 1831, Pittsburgh, Penn.; d. Feb. 9, 1920, Oakland, Cal. Ex officio Regent as a state supt. of public instruction, 1891-95. Education: grad. 1850, M.A. 1851, Washington and Jefferson Coll. Career: teacher, came to California, 1854; became supt., Solano county schools, 1855 started two private schools; became president, Hesperian College in Woodland (now Chapman Coll., L.A.); principal, Spring Valley Grammar School, S.F., 1873-87; supt., S.F. schools, 1887-1890; fruit grower, 1895-1920.

Anderson, Richard E., b. Ripon, Wis. Appointed Student Regent from UC Los Angeles, 1983-84. Education: BA 1970 English, St. Mary's College; BS 1971 Psychology, St. Mary's College; MA 1979 Psychology, UC Los Angeles; Ph.D. candidate at UC Los Angeles during period of his term as Regent.

Archer, James Whitehead, b. July 19, 1908, Minneapolis, Minn. Ex officio Regent as president, Alumni Association of UC, 1961-62. Education: A.B. 1930 UCB; 1930-31 Hastings College of Law; 1931-33, S.F. School of Law. Career: law clerk, attorney, firm of Knight, Boland and Riodan, S.F., 1931-41; partner, Gray, Cary, Ames, and Frye, San Diego, 1941-. President, Alumni Association of UC, 1960-62.

Archer, Lawrence, b. Nov. 11, 1820, So. Carolina; d. Feb. 13, 1910. Appointed Regent, 1868-80. Education: private study; attended U. Virginia. Career: admitted to Miss. bar, 1841; practiced law, 1843-48; dist. atty., 1848-52, St. Joseph, Mo.; came to Cal., 1852; practiced law, 1853-1900, San Jose; Santa Clara county judge, 1868-71; Dem. candidate for Congress, 1871; assemblyman, 1875-76; mayor of San Jose, 1857, 1877 terms; helped found Chico Normal Sch.; retired, 1900.

Ashburner, William, b. March 28, 1831, Stockbridge, Mass.; d. April 20, 1887, S.F. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Bowie, 1880-87. Education: attended Lawrence Scientific School, 1850; attended Paris Ecole des Mines. Career: examined Lake superior mines for French mining co., 1854; came to California, 1860 on U.S. Geological Survey; comnr. in charge of Yosemite Valley, 1864-80; mining engineer, S.F. Hon. Professor (mining engineering), UC, 1874. Director, S.F. Savings Union. President: Union Club; board of trustees of Academy of Sciences, Microscopial Soc. Trustee: California School of Mechanical Arts, Stanford.

Atkinson, Richard C., ex officio Regent as President of the University, 1995-present (see Administration, Presidents).

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