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1960 Franklin D. Murphy named chancellor at Los Angeles; School of Library Service and School of Public Health established at Los Angeles.
  College of Agriculture established at Riverside.
  The Irvine Company offered 1,000 acres as a gift to the University for site of new campus; deed recorded, January 20, 1961.
  Two UC faculty members receive Nobel Prizes: Donald A Glaser (Physics, Berkeley), and Willard F. Libby (Chemistry, Los Angeles)
1961 Edward W. Strong named chancellor at Berkeley.
  Herbert F. York named first chancellor at San Diego.
  Dean E. McHenry named first chancellor at Santa Cruz.
  Graduate Divisions established at San Francisco, Riverside, Davis, and Santa Barbara.
  College of Letters and Science and College of Engineering established at Santa Barbara.
  Cowell Ranch property at Santa Cruz designated by the Regents as the south central coast site for a general campus of the University.
  College of Fine Arts established at Los Angeles.
  UC Berkeley professor Melvin Calvin received Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
1962 Vernon I. Cheadle named chancellor at Santa Barbara; School of Education established at Santa Barbara.
  Daniel C. Aldrich, Jr., named first chancellor at Irvine.
  School of Architecture and Urban Planning established at Los Angeles.
  College of Engineering established at Davis.
  UC San Diego professor Francis Crick received Nobel Prize in Medicine.
1963 UC San Diego professor Maria Goeppert-Mayer received Nobel Prize in Physics
1964 Ivan Hinderaker named chancellor at Riverside.
  John S. Galbraith named chancellor at San Diego; San Diego campus commenced undergraduate instruction; School of Medicine at San Diego began organization, with plans to accept first students in the fall of 1968.
  School of Law established at Davis, with the first students to be admitted, fall, 1966.
  Graduate Divisions established at Santa Cruz and Irvine.
  UC Berkeley professor Charles H. Townes received Nobel Prize in Physics.
1965 Martin Meyerson named acting chancellor at Berkeley, serving from January to July; Roger W. Heyns named chancellor at Berkeley.
  Irvine campus opened; first student-faculty convocation held in Campus Hall, September 26.
  Cowell College began instruction at Santa Cruz.
  Establishment of a School of Medicine authorized for the Davis campus.
  UCLA professor Julian S. Schwinger received Nobel Prize in Physics.
1966 Willard C. Fleming named chancellor at San Francisco.
1967 Regents fire UC President Clark Kerr; Acting President Harry R. Wellman succeeds him as head of the University system.
1968 Charles J. Hitch becomes UC's 13th president.
  UC celebrates its centennial
  UC Berkeley professor Luis Alvarez received the Nobel Prize in Physics.
  Charles E. Young named chancellor at Los Angeles.
  William J. McGill named chancellor at San Diego.
1969 James H. Meyer named chancellor at Davis
  Philip R. Lee named chancellor at San Francisco.


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