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San Francisco: Student Government

Until 1947, student government on the San Francisco campus consisted of separate student organizations in the several professional schools, with occasional inter-school cooperation dating back to 1901. The California Club, the first all-campus student group, helped to develop plans for uniting the existing student governments of the schools of the medical center without weakening their individual effectiveness. Under the influence of Dr. Herbert Johnstone, then advisor to the club and later the first dean of students on the campus, the Associated Students of the University of California Medical Center successfully completed its first school year with the Commencement exercises in 1948.

From the beginning, the presidency had rotated annually among the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Nursing, in that order. The over-all student government included a two-part council, comprising an executive and representative body. The executive consisted of the ASUCSF president and the presidents of the four individual schools. The representative body included one member elected from each class, one academic graduate member from each of the four schools, and one member each elected from the curricula of medical illustration, medical technology, dental hygiene, physical therapy, and other ancillary curricula.

In addition, each of the four schools had a strong student government from the time of its establishment. All followed essentially the same organization based on a student council of elected school and class officers. The student government of each school developed programs related to the professional future of its members. Each government assumed considerable responsibility and some of them developed successful honor systems.

The School of Dentistry stood out as having had the most successful student government in the early history of the San Francisco campus. Dental students took the initiative in developing a cafeteria and student store, leading the way in the contribution and collection of funds for the construction of the Millberry Union.

With the formation of the Board of Governors of Millberry Union in the spring of 1958, a totally new type of student government came into being without displacing any of the older forms. The board was charged with the responsibility of managing the union; it consisted of administrators, faculty, alumni representatives, and students (a majority on the board) elected by their respective student councils.

Student Body Presidents

Raymond Pickering 1947
William Iaconetti 1948
Walter Taylor, Jr. 1949
Alexander Frederick Dymtrow 1950
Charlene Anno 1951
Martin Tyan 1952
James R. Ware 1953
John Young 1954
Peggy Bowen 1955
Donald L. Girard 1956
Mel Frank 1957
Donald Holstein 1958
Marcia Rehfuss 1959
Glenn Fortini 1960
Michael A. Clarke 1961
Carleton E. Meyer 1962
Joanne Gompertz 1963
Ted Schrok 1964
Melvyn Matsushima 1965
Richard Avanzino 1966


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