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San Diego: Institutes and Research Centers


Year est.

Addiction Technology Transfer Center, UCSD  
AIDS Research, Center for  
AIDS Research Institute 1996
Air-Sea Interaction Research Lab  
Algebraic Thinking Institute (ATI)  
Alzheimer's Disease Research Center 1984
Americas, Institute of the 1984
Anxiety & Traumatic Stress Disorders Clinic  
Astrophysics & Space Sciences, Center for  
Autism Brain Library Trust  
Biogem 2000
Biomedical Engineering, Institute for  
Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant Program  
Burn Center 1973
California History - Social Science Project (CHSSP)  
California Space Institute 1980
California Teratogen Information Service and Clinical Research Program  
Cancer Center 1979
Cartilage Tissue Engineering Lab 1992
Cellular & Molecular Medicine  
Chemosensory Perception Laboratory  
Civic Collaborative, UCSD 1998
Climate Research  
Clouds, Chemistry, and Climate, Center for  
Coastal Data Information Program  
Coastal Studies, Center for  
Comparative Immigration Studies, Center for 1999
Computer Center 1961
Computing and the Arts, Center for Research in  
Core Cell Culture Facility  
Democratization and Economic Development, Center for  
Educational Equity and Teaching Excellence, Center for Research on  
Energy Research, Center for 2000
Energy/Combustion Research, Center for  
Excellence for Advanced Materials, Center of  
Geological Research Division  
Geophysics and Planetary Physics, Institute of (University-wide) 1946
Geriatric Psychiatry, Division of  
Glaucoma Center, UCSD  
Global Conflict & Cooperation, Institute on 1983
Glycobiology Research and Training Center 1999
Glycotechnology Core Resources  
Hedrick Lab  
High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network  
Human Development, Center for  
Human Information Processing, Center for  
Iberian/Latin American Studies, Center for  
Information Storage Industry Center (ISIC)  
Innovative Therapy, Center for  
Interactive Instruction Project  
Interface and Materials Science, Center for  
Language, Center for Research in  
Latin American Studies  
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research  
Magnetic Recording Research, Center for  
Marine Biology Research Division  
Marine Biotechnology and Biomedicine, Center for  
Marine Life Research Group 1947
Marine Physical Laboratory 1946
Marine Research Division  
Marine Resources, Institute of 1954
Matter, Institute for the Study of 1962
Mechanics and Materials, Institute for  
Melanoma Research Program  
Microscopy and Imaging Research, National Center for  
Molecular Genetics, Center for 1985
Muscle Physiology Lab  
Myers Lab - Peripheral Nerve Research  
Neural Computation, Institute for  
Nonlinear Science, Institute for  
Nursing Research and Education  
Oceanic Research, Division of 1961
Oceanography Group, Applied 1961
Pharmacogenomics Group: The Los Lab  
Physical Oceanography Research Division  
Physiological Research Laboratorys 1963
Principals Executive Program  
Pure and Applied Physical Sciences, Institute for  
Radiation Physics and Aerodynamics, Institute for 1964
Raz Laboratory  
Retina Clinic and Laboratory  
San Diego Supercomputer Center  
Scripps Institution of Oceanography 1912
Sea Water Test Facility 1962
Self-Monitoring and Reporting Technology  
Shiley Eye Center  
Space Sciences Laboratory 1960
Stein Institute for Research on Aging 1983
Telecommunications & Information Technology, California Institute for 2000
Transplantation, Center for  
U.S. - Mexican Studies, Center for 1979
Vaughan (Thomas Wayland) Aquarium-Museum 1914
Virtual Laboratory for Technology  
Visibility Laboratory 1952
White Mountain Research Station  
Wilson Group, The  
Wireless Communications, Center for 1995

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