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Class Change from Top of Old Physics Building, Royce Hall in Background,1966 (Ansel Adams)

Detail of "Students and Bicycles Near Library, 1966" (Ansel Adams)


Beginnings of the Davis campus go back to the year when the secretary of the State Agricultural Society, Peter J. Shields, discovered that young men had to go to school in other states to learn to judge dairy products. At that time, said Shields, "there was a College of Agriculture at Berkeley in connection with the University of California, but it was purely academic. It was largely confined to the study of botany and chemistry; it had no farm and little prestige; it was apt to be thought of as a snap curriculum, attracting students who wanted to go to college but wanted to avoid its more difficult work." Shields, who later became a superior court judge in Sacramento, began work to set up a more practical establishment for training young men and women interested in agriculture. Raised on a dairy farm in the Sacramento area, he felt such a school should combine the scientific "whys" and the technical "hows" of agriculture.


Historical Overview

The birth and early history of the Davis campus

Administrative Officers

Information about chancellors and other early officials


Colleges and Schools

The creation and history of Davis' main academic units

Academic Departments and Programs

The creation and history of individual academic departments

Faculty biographies from In Memoriam

Graduate Division

The history of graduate study at Davis

Institutes and Research Centers

Institutes and Research Centers and the dates they were established

Summer Sessions

History of summer study at Davis


Student Housing

The development of residence halls, co-ops, and veterans' housing

Student Government

History of student governance at Davis and student body presidents

Student Publications

Early student publications and their editors

Student Services

The offices that governed student life including financial aid and health services


From the Aggie Greeter Dance to Wild West Days, Davis traditions


Cultural Programs

The development of the arts on the Davis campus


Creation and history of Davis' library system


Related Links

Links related to the Davis campus


Books, monographs, articles and other documents related to the Davis campus.

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