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Detail from "Memorial Stadium from Southeast, 1966" (Ansel Adams)


The Berkeley campus of the University of California stretches from the center of the city eastward into a range of steep hills and commands a magnificent view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate. Overall area of the campus is 1,232 acres, though the main campus, with its park-like atmosphere and many academic buildings, is on the lower 178 acres. Overlooking the main campus are several research units, most notably the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory. Much of the rugged upper hill area is still undeveloped.

This campus, the oldest and second largest of the University, began operations in 1869 in the buildings formerly owned by the College of California in Oakland. Classes began at Berkeley in 1873 upon completion of North and South Halls (South Hall still stands). When the doors opened, 167 men and 222 women students enrolled.

Historical Overview
The birth and early history of the Berkeley campus
Administrative Officers
Information about chancellors and other early officials
Colleges and Schools
The creation and history of Berkeley's main academic units
Academic Departments and Programs
The creation and history of individual academic departments
Faculty biographies from In Memoriam
Graduate Division
The history of graduate study at Berkeley
Institutes and Research Centers
Institutes and Research Centers and the dates they were established
Summer Sessions
History of summer study at Berkeley

Student Housing

The development of residence halls, co-ops, and veterans' housing

Student Government

History of student governance at Berkeley and student body presidents

Student Publications

Early student publications and their editors

Student Services

The offices that governed student life including financial aid and health services


From the Angel of Death to the Wheeler Oak, Berkeley traditions


Cultural Programs

The development of the arts on the Berkeley campus


Creation and history of Berkeley's library system


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Links related to the Berkeley campus


Books, monographs, articles and other documents related to the Berkeley campus.

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