I. Introduction: The Idea, the Place, and the People

II. Open Competition, Antwerp, 1898

III. Final Competition, San Francisco, 1899

IV. Bénard's New Project, 1900

V. The Howard/Wheeler Campus, 1901-24

VI. The Phoebe Apperson Hearst Gym Memorial, 1922-30

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IV. Bénard's New Project, 1900

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Bénard came quickly to California to collect his prize money and to survey the situation. He was startled by the dramatic site and annoyed that he would not be immediately commissioned to proceed with all of the buildings. The architect balked at making major adjustments to his concept, and insulted the competition's trustees and even Mrs. Hearst, herself. Back in Paris, Bénard leisurely prepared five possible variants and finally submitted his new set of drawings, which were halfheartedly presented by Mrs. Hearst to the Regents in December 1900. Within the next year, John Galen Howard, the fourth prize winner, was chosen to be supervising architect of the University.

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