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  Academic Disciplines Administration &
Professional Staff
Scripps Institution
of Oceanography
  Saltman, Paul D. 1928-1999
  Grobstein, Clifford 1916-1998
  Stern, Herbert 1918-1998
Portrait Bonner, David Mahlon 1915-1964
  Chemistry and Biochemistry
  Traylor, Teddy G. 1925-1993
  Suess, Hans E. 1909-1993
  Kaplan, Nathan Oram 1917-1986
  Mayer, Joseph Edward 1904-1983
  Rakestraw, Norris Watson 1895-1982
Portrait Urey, Harold C. 1893-1981
  Cognitive Science
  Heiligenberg, Walter F. 1938-1994
  Schiller, Herbert I. 1919-2000
  Van Atta, Charles William 1934-2001
  Rand, Sinai 1931-1999
  Zweifach, Benjamin W. 1911-1997
  Skalak, Richard 1923-1997
  Reissner, Eric 1913-1996
Portrait Alfvén, Hannes 1908-1995
  Ellis, Albert Tromly 1917-1991
  Roberson, Robert Errol 1923-1988
  Booker, Henry George 1910-1988
  Family and Preventive Medicine
Portrait Shimkin, Michael B. 1912-1989
  Stokes, Joseph, III 1924-1989
  Bush, James W. 1933-1985
  Hughes, H. Stuart 1916-1999
  Rappaport, Armin 1916-1983
  Scobie, James R. 1929-1981
  Williams, Sherley Anne 1945-1999
  Neilson, Brooke 1949-1986
Portrait Elliott, Robert Carl 1914-1981
Portrait Spanier, Edwin H. 1921-1996
  Warschawski, Stefan E. 1904-1989
  Bishop, Errett A. 1928-1983
  Jackson, John Edward 1952-1998
  Moser, Kenneth M. 1929-1997
  Dharmsathaphorn, Kiertisin 1950-1990
  Farris, Jack M. 1912-1990
Portrait Shimkin, Michael B. 1912-1989
Portrait Tisi, Gennaro M. 1935-1988
  Braude, Abraham Isaac 1917-1984
  Dayton, Seymour 1923-1984
  Garren, Leonard David 1928-1971
  Jackson, John Edward 1952-1998
  Saitoh, Tsunao 1949-1996
  Nickel, Vernon L. 1918-1993
  Lampert, Peter Wilhelm 1929-1986
  Braude, Abraham Isaac 1917-1984
  Jackson, John Edward 1952-1998
  Moore, Stanley W. 1914-1997
  Dashen, Roger F. 1938-1995
  Halpern, Francis R. 1929-1995
  Thompson, William B. 1922-1995
  Ma, Shang-Keng 1940-1983
Portrait Mayer, Maria Goeppert 1906-1972
  Heiligenberg, Walter F. 1938-1994
  Arthur, Ransom James 1925-1989
  Reynolds, George S. 1936-1987
  Baily, Norman A. 1915-1992
  Davis, Fred 1925-1993
  Grana, Cesar 1919-1986
  Theatre and Dance
  Schneider, Alan L. 1917-1984
  Urban Studies and Planning
  Thomas, Charles W., II 1926-1990
Photograph courtesy of the University Archives, UC San Diego Hannes Alfvén
Professor of Electrical Engineering, UC San Diego
Nobel Laureate

"During a long and remarkable career, Alfvén made monumental theoretical contributions to plasma physics and its applications in space and in the laboratory. While he is best known for his prediction of the hydromagnetic wave in a conducting medium commonly known as the Alfvén wave, he is generally regarded as the founding father of the field of magnetohydrodynamics, which has had such a profound impact on space physics as well as on controlled thermonuclear fusion."
Photograph courtesy of the University Archives, UC San Diego Michael B. Shimkin
Professor of Community Medicine and Oncology, UC San Diego

"Dr. Shimkin led with great enthusiasm the effort to have the relationship of smoking and cancer officially recognized by the U.S. Surgeon General. This effort faced powerful opposition from the tobacco industry. In his institutional roles, he was considered a maverick in cancer research as well as spokesman for science; his viewpoints were widely discussed with the biomedical community."
Photograph courtesy of the University Archives, UC San Diego Gennaro M. Tisi
Professor of Medicine, UC San Diego

"All of [his] accomplishments were noteworthy, but the qualities by which those who knew him will most remember Dr. Tisi are his gifts as a
communicator and his capacity for love of, and genuine concern for, his fellow man. These two gifts were reflected in his direction of the UCSD Internal Medicine course which, under his tutelage, achieved a national reputation."
Photograph by Ansel Adams for the Regents of the University of California, courtesy of University Archives, The Bancroft Library. 1800:537. Neg. No. 6-UCSD-14-11. Property of the Regents of the University of California. From the Original Collection of Fine Prints, The Centennial Project (1968). Harold C. Urey
University Professor of Chemistry, UC San Diego
Nobel Laureate

"His work from the beginning was marked by a sure sense of what problems were important, by technical ingenuity, and by enormous energy and persistence."
Photograph courtesy of the University Archives, UC San Diego Robert Carl Elliott
Professor of English Literature, UC San Diego

"He was a powerful teacher of both undergraduate and graduate students, never demanding of them more than he demanded of himself. He was likewise a powerful department chairman, a leader all the way. . . . He was also a powerful colleague, enabling all of us to understand that, although we could never achieve utopia, we must nonetheless strive for it."
Photograph courtesy of the University Archives, UC San Diego Maria Goeppert Mayer
Professor of Physics, UC San Diego
Nobel Laureate

"There is little hope that we will see her match again soon. Her own work has been a decisive influence in shaping solid state, atomic, and nuclear physics. Without her, hardly anyone is left who understands all of physics and teaches it in a universal way."
Photograph courtesy of the University Archives, UC San Diego David Mahlon Bonner
Professor of Biology, UC San Diego

"In coming to the University of California at San Diego in 1960, Professor Bonner was attracted mainly by the youthful vigor of the new campus and the clear dedication of its leaders to the development of an uncompromisingly first-rate institution. He quickly became one of those leaders."



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