Online Biographies of UC Faculty & Administrators from 1928 to 2001

We faculty of the University of California Academic Senate have produced In Memoriam to honor our deceased colleagues. It is our hope that these memorials will convey the gifts and vitality of these men and women and serve as fitting tributes to them.

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Since 2002, this publication has been continued by the Academic Senate
Photograph circa 1936, by Dorothy Moore. University Archives, The Bancroft Library. 13:3935 Photograph by G. Paul Bishop, n.d., courtesy of The Bancroft Library, UARC Picture 13:543 Photograph of Herbert P. Broida by Wilfred Swalling, courtesy of the Department of Special Collections, Davidson Library, University of  California, Santa Barbara. Date unknown. Photograph by Ansel Adams for the Regents of the University of California, courtesy of University Archives, The Bancroft Library. 1800:453. Neg. No. 6-UCLA-20-5. November 1966. Property of the Regents of the University of California. From the Original Collection of Fine Prints, The Centennial Project (1968). Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Irvine, photo number PR00151 Photograph of Katherine Esau courtesy of the Department of Special Collections, Davidson Library, University of California, Santa Barbara. 1977. Photographer unknown.
Edward Chace Tolman, Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley

"Dr. Tolman was always able to uncover the essential problems underneath the fluctuating experimental fads."
Alfred Louis Kroeber,
Professor of Anthropology, UC Berkeley

"Professor Kroeber's range of interest and competence in nearly every one of the major fields of anthropology made him the broadest student of the larger discipline, a position held in the past by a notable few, such as Edward B. Tylor and Franz Boas."
Herbert P. Broida, Professor of Physics, UC Santa Barbara

"Herb Broida was a man of action as well as a scholar. He liked to see things done and knew how to get them done. In his fourteen years at UCSB he influenced nearly every aspect of the physics department's growth."
Jan Popper, University Professor of Music, UC Los Angeles

"He had an uncanny knack of perceiving and nurturing the musical potential of everyone who worked with him, imparting to each a sense of self-worth; thus he could challenge them to outdo themselves, always in the greater service of the art."
Daniel G. Aldrich, Jr.,
Professor of Soils and Plant Nutrition, UC Davis and UC Berkeley
University Dean of Agriculture
Founding Chancellor of UC Irvine

"While 'Chancellor Dan's' legacy is the UCI campus, his influence extends well beyond the perimeter of Aldrich Park."
Katherine Esau, Professor of Botany, UC Santa Barbara

"Esau was especially well known for her beautifully written and comprehensive textbooks. Her first book, Plant Anatomy, was published in 1953, and it became a classic almost immediately. The book was and still is fondly called the 'bible' for structural botanists."

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