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The University of California History Digital Archives provide online access to a growing collection of primary historical documents, images, audio, and video related to the history of California's ten-campus land-grant university. This digital project is the first of its kind within a university, and provides an innovative model for organizing and expanding access to historical materials critical for understanding the development of the American research university.


Online access to this unique and searchable collection of full-text historical documents promotes scholarship on the University of California and its emergence and role in California as a world-class teaching and research institution. The Digital Archives aim to help expand and develop a community of scholars and policymakers interested in higher education in California, the United States, and the world. An accessible and appealing presentation also serves the general public, highlighting the significant events and people of the University's complex and fascinating past.


The core collection will include:

The principal collection will be augmented by materials relating to significant thematic events and online exhibitions, such as:

The web resource will also provide links to relevant collections developed independently, including, for example, the Free Speech Movement: Student Protest - UC Berkeley, 1964-65.


The original project began at the Center for Studies in Higher Education and was created by John Douglass and Sally Thomas. In 2005, the project transferred to The Bancroft Library where it is now under the direction of the University Archives.


The UC History Digital Archives was originally located on the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE.


Project staff developed a prototype during the first phase of the project, 1999-2000. The core collections will be digitized and indexed over the four-year period 2000-2004.


Printed publications are converted to digital texts and marked up using Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) using the Text Encoding Initiative document type definition (DTD). The primary SGML collection is currently delivered by Dynaweb, which generates HTML on the fly, so that users can access the collection with the popular web browsers, Netscape and Internet Explorer.

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