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General Introduction and Project Goals

The UC History Digital Archives (UCHDA) is a program of the University Archives at the Bancroft Library.

Project Goals:

  • To organize and collaborate with other efforts to preserve and provide Web access to digital archival materials related to the history of the University of California – including developing digitization standards and
  • To provide a universitywide resource for the academic community and the general public.
  • To promote discussion on the history of the university and its future and provide new methods for scholarly communication.

The intent of the UCHDA is to create a sophisticated, high quality venue for access to digitized collections and materials identified by the project, and with links to existing and future digitized collections related to the history of the University, and more generally higher education in California.

Project Staff

Project Director David Farrell
University Archivist
The Bancroft Library
Editorial Advisor Patricia A. Pelfrey
Assistant to the President of the University of California, Emeritus
UC Office of the President
Former Staff Associates & Assistants

Project Research Design and Web Site Standards

To determine the interests and functional requirements of potential users, UCHDA staff conducted a preliminary needs assessment in spring 2001, interviewing historians, archivists, and researchers with a stated interest in university history, higher education, and California history, about their potential use of the UCHDA. As content is added to the site, and as resources permit, UCHDA staff will conduct usability tests to evaluate the effectiveness of the organization of and access to its collections.

Selected historical documents are converted to full-text digital files and marked up using Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) with the Text Encoding Initiative document type definition (DTD). The primary SGML collection is currently delivered by Dynaweb, which generates HTML on the fly, so that users can access the collection with the popular web browsers, Netscape and Internet Explorer. The contextual gateway employs traditional HTML markup. The UCHDA expects that in the future the site will be available in XML format, which will offer a seamless interface between primary resources and contextual materials.

UC History Digital Archives Advisory Committee

Howard Besser – Professor, School of Education & Information Studies, UCLA
Charlotte Brown – University Archivist, UCLA
Michael Buckland – Professor, School of Information Management & Studies, UCB
Robin Chandler – Manager, Online Archive of California, California Digital Library
Charles Faulhaber – Director, The Bancroft Library, UCB
David Gardner – UC President Emeritus
William E. Landis – Manuscripts Librarian, Special Collections & Archives, UCI
Patricia A. Pelfrey – Assistant to the President, Emeritus, University of California
Lawrence Pitts – Vice Chair, Assembly of the Academic Senate, UCSF
Nancy Rockafellar – Director of Campus Oral History Program, UCSF
Sheldon Rothblatt – Professor Emeritus, Department of History, UCB
Anne Shaw – Office of the Secretary of the UC Board of Regents


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