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Wie werde ich Demokrat?

After World War II Allied powers in Germany decided to lead back the "Outlaw nation" into the community of the civilized nations. From 1945 to 1952 the British/American "Welt im Film" series produced propaganda and documentary films for the purpose of re-education of the German population. This 3 disc set features twelve of these re-education films addressing the psychology, politics, culture and everyday life of post-War Germans from an Allied viewpoint. Disc 1. Wie werde ich demokrat = Comment devenir democrate? = How do I become a democrat? / writer and director, Dieter Reifarth [Film chapters]: Der Wahltag in Berlin = Election day in Berlin ; Die Schlange: Portrait eines Zeitgenossen = Portrait of a contemporary serpent ; Wahrungs-Reform = Currency reform ; In Bonn und Auf Dem Petersberg: Regierungsbildung Vollzogen Bestazungsstatut Statt Militarregierung = In Bonn and at Petersberg: the government has been formed -- Outtakes [from Wie Werde ich Demokrat?] (121 min.) -- Disc 2. Die Todesmuhlen = The death mills (aka, Mills of death, Di Tit Milen) / director, Hanus Burger (3 versions in English, German and Yiddish) -- The Town / director, Josef von Sternberg -- Deutschland erwache = Germany awakes (aka Germany awake) / producer, U.S. Signal Corps (100 min.) -- Disc 3. Das Gerucht = The rumor / director, Ernst Niederreither -- Marschieren, marschieren = Marching, marching / director, Gehard Born -- Werftarbeiter = Throwing worker / director, Wolf Hart -- Weiss-Gelb-Schwarz = White-yellow-black / director, Hans Curlis -- Es liegt an Dir = It is because of you / director, Wolfgang Kiepenheuer -- Eine Kleinstadt hilft sich selbst = A town helps itself / director, Wolfgang Becker (73 min.).

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