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South America

Japan Across the Seas (Japon a traves de los mares)

This documentary looks at the ways in which the art andculture of Japan came to Argentina and the various fusions that have resulted through cross-cultural contact. The life histories of immigrant Japanese and their children are retold, including an interview with Maria Kodama, the Japanese-Argentine widow of writer Jorge Luis Borges. 1998. 52 min.

Journal Inacheve (Unfinished Diary)

Film focuses on personal experiences of an immigrant family from Chile and the problems and adjustments to an alien culture experienced by those who seek political asylum in the United States. 55 min.

Journey to a Thousand Rivers.

Overviews the 18 month explorations of Jacques Cousteau and teams of scientists who explored the Amazon River to discover how plants, animals, and men survive in the water-dominated ecosystem. 1990. 98 min.

Journey with the Revolution

A journey into the heart of the Venezuelan revolution. Meet the midwives, nurses, doctors, housewives, teachers, and gay and disability activists who are transforming Venezuela. Visit health clinics, soup kitchens, land committees, education and micro-credit programmes. Directed by Finn Arden and Nina Lopez. Presented at the International Latino Film Festival held in the San Francisco Bay Area. 2006. 61 min.

Juan Felix Sanchez

Juan Felix Sanchez is a Venezuelan folk artist who is a legend in his own time. This sensitive, poetic portrait explores the life and works of the artist who has lived for decades in a lush valley 12,000 feet up in the Andes. Captures his passion, purity and optimism, and shows some of his work in weaving, sculpture, and architecture. c198?. 30 min.

Juan Peron.

This program covers the rise and fall and rise again of Juan Peron. c1990. 13 min.

Julio Cortazar, Entrevista.

The Argentine author, Julio Cortazar, talks about his life and work in this surprising and intimate portrait of a writer who is obsessed with self-definition in a world of sinister evasion. c1988. 40 min.

Jump Over the Atlantic (Salto al Atlantico)

This film traces the similarities and cultural continuities between a small Afro-Venezuelan settlement in Barlovento (Estado Miranda, Venezuela) and the Belgian Congo in Africa, where people were captured as slaves in the nineteenth century. Showcases the everyday and traditional cultural practices that the two groups share: music, dance, and musical instruments, many words, food, dress, crafts, healing herbs and even hairstyles. A film by Maria Eugenia Esparragoza. 1990. 28 min.

Keep the River on Your Right: A Modern Cannibal Tale

In 1955, Tobias Schneebaum disappeared into the depths of the Peruvian Amazon. He had no guide, no map and the vague instruction to keep the river on his right. A year later he emerged from the jungle ... naked, covered in body paint, and a modern-day cannibal. Now, 45 years after his original visit, he is reunited with the very tribesmen he both loved and who gave him nightmares for nearly half a century. Also includes footage of Schneebaum giving lectures about art and tribal homosexuality among the Asmat, a tribe in Indonesian New Guinea. 2000. 94 min. ;

Killka: Nuestra Vestimenta Hoy

Presents a fashion show of Andian clothing styles in an Indo-Pacific context held at the Museo Nacional de Antropologia y Arqueologia in Peru. 1992. See also 67 min.