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LGBTQA People Outside the US

A Jihad for love

First feature documentary to explore the complex global intersections between Islam and homosexuality ... The film travels a wide geographic arc presenting us lives from India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa and France. Always filming in secret and as a Muslim, filmmaker Parvez Sharma makes the film from within the faith, depicting Islam with the same respect that the film's characters show for it.

Banlieue Gay

Emir, Mikael, Brahim and Julia discuss the challenges and vexations experienced by gays and lesbians living in Paris. In French without English subtitles. 2005. 54 min.

Bolo Bolo

Through interviews, interspersed with images of gay sexual encounters, film explores responses to the AIDS crisis by members of the South Asian community of Toronto, Canada. 30 min.

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Butterflies on the Scaffold (Mariposas en el andamio)

A documentary examining the issues gays and transvestites face in the context of evolving attitudes towards homosexuality in Cuba. It is a highly unusual look at how a group of working class drag queens in a Havana suburb have become an integral part of their neighborhood. A film by Margaret Gilpin and Luis Felipe Bernaza. 1995. 74 min.

Dangerous Living: Coming Out in the Developing World.

Explores the lives of gay and lesbian people in non-Western cultures, where most occurrences of oppression receive no media coverage at all. 2005. 60 min.

Dirty Laundry: A History of Heroes

A history of Chinese who immigrated to Canada and of gay Chinese Canadians. 1996. 31 min.

Dream Girls

Each year thousands of Japanese girls apply to enter the highly disciplined school for the Takarazuka Revue, the incredibly successful musical theater company where women play both male and female roles. This documentary presents a compelling look at this company and phenomenon, and a study on the interplay of gender and sexual identity in Japan today. Directed by Kim Longinotto and Jano Williams. 1994. 50 min.

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Gay Cuba.

A look at homosexuality in Cuba, featuring interviews with lesbians and gays. A project of the Felix Varela Center of Cuba. Directed by Sonja de Vries. 1995. 57 min.
Reviews and articles:
Merrett, Jim. "Growing up Gay in Castro's Cuba: Exile Raul Ferrera-Balanquet Discovers Himself in his Videos." Advocate, n579 (June 18, 1991):68 (2 pages).
Morris, Gary. "Gay Cuba: Beating the Bully" Bright Lights Journal September 1996 | Issue 17Full-text of this article / review is available:

Geja Poeto: Mother Hoshang.

A film about the non-conformist poet, teacher and gay activist Hoshang Merchant, that not only addresses issues on sex but also tries to demystify what it is like to be gay in India. A film by Kathy Maloney. 2004. 26 min.

Juchitan Queer Paradise

Presents a portrait of Juchitan, a small Mexican city near the Guatemalan border where homosexuality is fully accepted. The film profiles three gay people: a teacher, a hairdresser and a shop owner. The society is also unique as the population of Zapotec Indians resist the homogeneous trends of globalization. While Indian languages are endangered everywhere else in the world, in Juchitan, the Zapotec language is spoken proudly at home, at municipal meetings, in poetry, song and theatre. A film by Patricio Henriquez. 2002. 64 min.