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LGBTQA People of Color

A Different Kind of Black Man: On Being Gay...

Interviews with successful, black gay men about their ideas and feelings on such issues as sexuality, masculinity and their perception of and their role within the black community. 2001. 19 min.

A Litany for Survival: The Life and Work of Audre Lorde

Audre Lorde, poet and lesbian-feminist talks about being lesbian and black in New York in the 1950s and her social/political activity. Includes conversations and readings by Lorde and comments by other writers and family members. 1996. 56 min. American Library Assn. Video Round Table Notable Videos for Adults

Anthem and Affirmations: Two Short Films by Marlon T. Riggs

Anthem: "Marlon Riggs' experimental music video politicizes the homoeroticism of African-American men. With images--sensual, sexual and defiant--and words intended to provoke, Anthem reasserts the 'self-evident right' to life and liberty in an era of pervasive anti-gay, anti-Black backlash and hysterical cultural repression." Affirmations: "An exploration of Black gay male desires and dreams. Affirmations starts with an affectionate, humorous confessional and moves on to a wish for empowerment and incorporation." Anthem / Signifyin' Works (1991, 9 min.) -- Affirmations (1990, 10 min.)

Black Hair and Black-eyed

A film by Julie Whang.From what sources does a young Korean-American lesbian draw her sense of identity? From her mother, from fashion magazines, from the boy she dances with, or the girl she sleeps with, or her own barren apartment? Dist.: Frameline. 1994. 9 min.

Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin

One of the first "freedom riders," an adviser to Dr. Martin Luther King and A. Philip Randolph, organizer of the March on Washington, intelligent, gregarious and charismatic, Bayard Rustin was denied his place in the limelight for one reason -- he was also gay. This is a film biography of his life. Produced and directed by Nancy Kates, Bennett Singer. 2002. 84 min.

Carmelita Tropicana: Your Kunst Is Your Waffen

Carmelita Tropicana, a lesbian Latina performance artist who supports herself as a building super on New York's Lower East Side, winds up in jail with three other women after a protest at an abortion clinic. Humorous monologues and campy production numbers ensue. Performers: Carmelita Tropicana, Annie Iobst, Sophia Ramos, Livia Daza Paris. A film by Ala Troyano. 1994. 28 min. ;

Cut Sleeve: Lesbians & Gays of Asian/Pacific Ancestry.

Gay and lesbian individuals from Asian and Pacific Island backgrounds discuss their attitudes and experiences as homosexuals. 1991. 24 min.

Dirty Laundry: A History of Heroes

A history of Chinese who immigrated to Canada and of gay Chinese Canadians. 1996. 31 min.

Fated to Be Queer

Four charming Filipino men illuminate some of their issues and concerns as gay people of color in the San Francisco Bay Area. Producer/director, Godfrey Reggio. 1992. 25 min.

Gender Me: Homosexuality in the World of Islam

Filmed in Istanbul and Oslo, this documentary by Turkish/Norwegian filmmaker Nefise •214;zkal Lorentzen openly explores what it is like to be both gay and Muslim. Through the interrelated stories of a gay rights activist, a gay imam, drag artists, and others, the documentary gently denounces homophobia in general, encourages discourse and engagement within Islam as a positive societal approach to coming to terms with sexual otherness, and seeks to advance a loving appreciation of the oneness of all humankind. c2008. 52 min.