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Landscape Architecture & the Environment

Quake of '89: A Video Chronicle

Presented by KRON-TV Channel 4, San Francisco. Shows actual footage from the October 17th, 1989 earthquake and recovery of affected counties as filmed by KRON-TV Channel 4, San Francisco. Includes "Quakeproofing your home and family. 60 min. [preservation copy]

Sense Of Place.

Through interviews with five individuals who work in the area of human ecology, film examines the connection and dependency which humans have with the environment and the process of discovering and achieving a sense of place. 1994. 28 min.


Shisu (poetic beauty), the harmonious balance of thought and feeling, spirit and matter, is at the heart of the Japanese aesthetic. It finds its most striking expression in the Japanese Garden tradition -- a world class cultural legacy. This elegant and poetic study of the Japanese garden draws together the diverse threads that make up one of the world's oldest garden traditions. 2001. 54 min. PAL format.

The European Garden.

Examines the garden as an architectural art form as well as a mirror of man's relationship with nature, and as examplary of the style of an age as its literature or art. Follows the stages of Western civilization as it explores the various styles of gardens through the ages. Dist.: Films Media Group. 1992. 58 min.

The Great Quake Of '89.

Highlights of television coverage by ABC News of the earthquake that struck the San Francisco Bay Area on October 17, 1989. Includes footage at the moment quake occurred, home video films, highlights from ABC news coverage throughout the night reporting damages particularly in San Francisco, Oakland and Santa Cruz County. 1989. 60 min.

The Great San Francisco Earthquake.

The amazing resources of the human spirit in the face of adversity were demonstrated by the diverse population of San Francisco during and after the April 18, 1906 earthquake and fire which struck with 12,000 time the force of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. Although 3000 lives were lost and 6 1/2 billion bricks were dumped after the earthquake, the indomitable pioneer spirit prevailed as the city was rebuilt in three years. Fours years later San Francisco hosted the 1915 World's Fair with a sense of triumph and invincibility. 1988. 58 min.

The Water Crisis.

Describes water problems currently being experienced by communities from the Adirondack Mountains to the American West Coast and explains that water scarcity will be the next ecology issue. A segment from the television program Nova. 1981. 57 min.

Treasures Of The Greenbelt.

Within the nine counties surrounding San Francisco Bay lies some of the most beautiful and productive land in the United States. Nearly four million acres of parks and watersheds, farms and ranches, forests and vineyards form the greenbelt of the San Francisco Bay region. 1986. 28 min.

Upon These Grounds: Exploring the White House Garden

A behind the scenes tour of the President's Park, the White House's grounds and gardens. Explains how the grounds grew and evolved over two centuries with changing administrations and includes rare footage of the first families in their "backyard." 1997. 30 min.

Urban Permaculture with Dr. Bill Roley

Dr. Bill Roley, founder of the Permaculture Institute of Southern California presents two urban landscapes, sharing low-cost strategies of how to turn a vacant lot into an edible jungle. Shows how permaculture can be applied to urban settings, from planting fruit trees along a street corridor to channeling rainwater onto perennials instead of into storm drains. 1999. 30 min.