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Landscape Architecture & the Environment

Interview With Garrett Eckbo.

Landscape architect Garrett Eckbo talks about his life, architectural projects and professional theories. 1981. 59 min.

Jens Jensen: A Natural History

Tells of the life and work in the United States of Danish-born landscape architect Jens Jensen. Describes him as an environmentalist, conservationist, visionary, poet, philosopher, artist, and teacher. Explains the concept and development of his school in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin, called The Clearing. c1998. 55 min.

Labyrinth: The History of the Maze

For centuries, from the famed Labyrinth of Crete to the stately gardens of medieval England, the Maze, a larger-than-life puzzle, has symbolized mankind's search for eternal truths. This film visits some present day maze sites and the meanings and purposes of turf, church, puzzle, and spiritual mazes in modern and ancient civilizations. c1996. 53 min.

Land Resources And The Urban Environment. (Building Connections Series; 3.)

Architects and designers, such as Peter Calthorpe, comment on various ways to improve the design of buildings to create environmentally sensitive, livable and sustainable communities. Discusses appropriate land use, resource efficiencies, renewable sources of energy and water and waste management strategies. 1993. 85 min.

Land Use and Building and the American Community. 1

A lecture by architect, Peter Calthorpe, concerning the need to create environmentally healthy communities through local and regional planning and governance. He focuses on cities in California, Oregon and Colorado as successful and unsuccessful case studies. 996.1996. 56 min.

Landscape Architecture Of Roberto Burle Marx.

Interviews landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx and discusses his ideas and achievements for commercial and public buildings and projects in Brazil. 1989. 57 min.

Living Planet: A Portrait Of The Earth. Host, David Attenborough.

Contents: 1. Building of the earth -- 2. Frozen world -- 3. Northern forests -- 4. Jungle -- 5. Seas of grass -- 6. Baking deserts -- 7. Sky above -- 8. Sweet fresh water -- 9. Margins of the land -- 10. Worlds apart -- 11. Open ocean -- 12. New Worlds. 1984. 12 videocassettes.

Louisville's Parks: An Olmsted Legacy.

Surveys how Cherokee Park in Louisville, Kentucky was severely damaged by a tornado and then restored by the same Olmsted Brothers firm that originally developed and landscaped the park when it was first created. 1982. 29 min.

Man In His Environment.

A film essay on the checks and balances of the natural cycle, showing how the processes that regulate other forms of life ultimately regulate humans as well. Explores ramifications of human overpopulation, wastefulness of modern industrial society, and disruption caused by many agricultural methods. 1976. 29 min.

Mazes & Labyrinths: The Search for the Center

This wide-ranging documentary explores the historical and cultural aspects of mazes and labyrinths worldwide. This symbolic and highly metaphorical artform has spanned the ages and continents from the mythological Minotaur on the Island of Crete through the tombs of the pharoahs, from stone and turf labyrinths through hedge and church mazes to contemporary constructions. c1996. 28 min.