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Landscape Architecture & the Environment

Firewise Landscaping.

Part I describes the hazards of the wildland/urban interface when wildfires occur. Covers the causes and characteristics of wildfires with a discussion of basic landscape design principles. Part II deals with the design and installation of firewise landscapes in wildland/urban interface areas. Part III deals with maintaining landscaped properties to minimize danger from wild fires. [Washington, DC]: National Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Protection Program, [1993-1994]. 38 min.

For The Common Good: Preserving Private Lands With Conservation Easements.

Film examines how conservation easements are being used to preserve open spaces and natural landscapes. 1985. 16 min.

Garbage Stories.

These 5 features look at various creative ways garbage can be recycled and otherwise diverted from landfills. Examples of innovative recycling are the creation of art objects from garbage, a wildlife sanctuary developed from recycled wastewater, a farmer who feeds his pigs and goats entirely on refuse and a sculpture garden created from the solid wastes of the city of San Francisco. 1993. 27 min.

Gardens of Northern California's Wine Country.

Exquisitely photographed this intimate tour explores nine outstanding winery gardens--each very different from the next. This excursion covers garden design, plantings, relationship to the wineries, and gardeners' viewpoints. 1997. 50 min.

GIS Today.

Host Don Hemenway explores various issues in the rapidly changing field of GIS, including minimum requirements of a GIS, GIS training, the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis, the potential role of artificial intelligence and expert systems in GIS, and local use of GIS. 1989. 30 min.

Green Dreams.

Describes activities of the San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners (SLUG) as they organize and supervise gardening projects in troubled urban neighborhoods. Film documents how these gardening projects are offering real job skills and a sense of accomplishment to low-income youth, ex-convicts and people recovering from drugs.

Green Means.

Green Means. 1: The first in a two part series of short video programs about ordinary people who are making positive contributions to the health of the planet. Includes segments on environmental activism in relation to grasslands preservation, eco-architecture and energy conservation, eco-agriculture, waste disposal, community gardens, marsh, stream and forest ecology, marine pollution, endangered species, the reintroduction of species and recycling. Accompanying text: Green means: living gently on the planet / Aubrey Wallace. San Francisco: KQED Books, 1994.

Green Plans.

A look at the comprehensive national environmental policies, or green plans, that The Netherlands and New Zealand have developed. 1995. 56 min.

Inside Infill: Stories From The Field

Introduces infill development, the process of building new construction in established neighborhoods, including controversial issues and design challenges it presents. 1994.

Inside The Golden Gate.

A study of the ecology of San Francisco Bay, a huge estuary where fresh and salt water meet. A segment from the television program Nova. 1974. 59 min.