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Landscape Architecture & the Environment

Breakthrough, A Portrait Of Aristides Demetrios.

Profile of San Francisco sculptor Aristides Demetrios. Shows his creation of the 30-foot 9,500 pound "Breakthrough" monument. 1986. 45 min.

City Farmers.

A journey down New York City's meanest streets where inner-city residents have transformed the rubble and rats of abandoned land into burgeoning vegetable and flower gardens. The gardeners vividly narrate stories about life on both sides of the garden fence: from their fight against drug dealers and gangs to the successes of the gardens as food for needy families and senior citizens. 1997. 31 min.

City Parks.

Uncovers the surprising stories behind the most famous city parks in the nation. Looks at designers like Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed Central Park and Griffith J. Griffith who designed Griffith Park in L.A., and builders of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, who overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to fashion oases of beauty in the most unlikely of places.

Dream Window: Reflections Of A Japanese Garden.

A journey through some of the most beautiful gardens in the world, revealing the secrets of both classical and contemporary Japanese gardens. 1992. 58 min.

Environmental Art: Working With The Elements.

Presents historic and contemporary environmental art including segments on Nazca, Stonehenge, Carl Andre, Herbert Bayer, LeAnn Bartok, Walter de Maria, Nancy Holt, Patricia Johanson, Penny Kaplan, Richard Long, David Nash, Cynthia Oatman, Beverly Pepper, Carolee Thea, James Turrell, and John Willenbecher. 1990. Performers, Lisa Wilder, Jason Levy. 16 min.

Exploring People-Plant Interactions. Part 1, The Art Of Rhonda Roland Shearer.

Rhonda Roland Shearer discusses the role she feels plants play in benefiting humanity and why her artwork focuses on plant forms. 1991. 10 min.

Exploring People-Plant Interactions. Part 2, The Science And Theory.

Noted horticulturalists address aspects of research in horticulture and discuss the importance of plants in promoting human well-being. 1992. 22 min.

Feng shui: Creating Sacred Space in Your Garden or Landscape

Presents the ancient science of Feng Shui and how it can easily be applied to outdoor spaces. With colorful graphics and dynamic live footage this film illuminates the various ways Feng Shui can harmonize and enrich a garden or landscape design. c1997. 60 min.

Figure In A Landscape: A Conversation With J.B. Jackson.

On site in various locales J.B. Jackson explains his theories of human interaction with landscape and its result as urban and quasi-urban spaces. 1987. 46 min.

Fire In The Hills.

Historical overview of the ecological and construction history of the hilly residential areas of Oakland California, which led to the conflagrations of 1923, 1970 and 1991. Film concludes with recommendations to prevent such fires in the future. 1993. 22 min.